The beginning

On January 9 2014, while I was riding my bicycle home from work, a car hit me. I did not see that coming, or anything that came after that.
That day I almost lost my right foot. I saw my own bone sticking out. I thought I could never walk again. Suddenly, all my problems were minimized.
I left the place in a wheel chair. I could not walk. My foot was still with me, but full of metal, inside and outside. The pain and fear were indescribable. The fear of not living life the same way anymore, ever again. I was alone, away from my family, not able to walk, to cook, to have a proper shower, to sleep.

The storm lasted 6 months. During all that time, I thought I was never going to walk again. I thought I wasted 26 years of my life and did not appreciate my good health enough.
However, time heals the deepest of the pains and injuries. I remember the first step I walked after my accident. I will never forget how vulnerable I felt and how grateful I was. I became stronger, my faith unbreakable and I learned to appreciate every part of life. I felt compassion from those who really cared about me and I learned whom my real friends are.

Now I feel time passed fast but those days were extremely long for me, laying on my bed, thinking in all the things I wanted to do, and couldn’t. I want to share this passion for life. We all have days when we just cannot find sense to our own existence. We just want to disappear and not deal with anything anymore. Nevertheless, I am here to inspire you. I want you to believe again. But if that is difficult for you now, I will believe for you until you are ready.

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