The beginning

On January 9th 2014, while I was riding my bicycle home from work, a car hit me. I didn’t see that coming, or anything that came after that.

My right foot was almost completely dismembered from my leg. I saw my own bone sticking out. I thought I could never walk again. Suddenly, all my problems were minimized. I was never going to walk again. I was going to loose my foot.

After 10 very painful days at the hospital I left the place in a wheel chair. Me, in a wheel chair. I couldn’t walk. My foot was still with me, but full of metal, inside and outside. The pain and fear were indescribable. The fear of not living life the same way anymore. Ever again. I spent 1 month recruited alone in an apartment my employer provided. I could not go back home, my apartment building has no elevators. I was alone, away from my family, not able to walk, to cook, to have a proper shower, to sleep. It was 24 hours of pain, physical and emotional pain.

The storm lasted 6 months. During all that time I thought I was never going to walk again. I thought I wasted 26 years of my life and didn’t appreciate my good health enough. But time heals the deepest of the pains and injuries. I remember the first step I walked after my accident. I will never forget how vulnerable I felt. And how grateful I was. So grateful.

But all bad things bring a good thing. I became stronger, my faith unbreakable and I appreciate every part of life. I felt compassion from those who really cared about me and I learned who my real friends are.

We don’t know how important things are until we are deprived of them. I was deprived of walking for 6 months, and after that it was like learning how to walk all over again. Now I feel time passed fast but those days were extremely long for me, laying on my bed, thinking in all the things I wanted to do, and couldn’t.

I knew I wanted to share this passion for life that now I feel. We all have days when we just can’t find sense to our own existence. We just want to disappear and not deal with anything bad anymore.

I am here to try to inspire you to be strong, to be happy. I want you to believe again. And if at the beginning is difficult, I will believe for you until you are ready.


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