Owning your life

Imagine for a second: If you can have absolute freedom to choose how to live your life, what would you choose? 

Well guess what? It is possible. The first thing you need is to have a clear idea of how that perfect life would be. And then, just get up and go for it. 

Villa La Angostura - Neuquén - Argentina

Villa La Angostura – Neuquén – Argentina

Everybody who has what they want today, started as you and I. Nobody was born with a detailed blueprint of how to get what they wanted in life.They had to go out and discover the path to their dreams by themselves. 

This is not about having a fairy tale dream or fantasy. Is about knowing in detail how you want your life to be. Imagine yourself as an artist and your life as your master piece. 

What do you really want? Remember that money is only a way to get what you want sometimes, but never the goal itself. What if we could live the life we want while we are doing what we love? Wouldn’t it be just perfect? Wouldn’t it be the happiest life you can imagine? Everything that is part of this world is at our reach. It is there for us. If something could be possible, it going to be possible, because you are going to make it possible. If you desire something it is because already exist in this world. Your deepest desire it is out there. 

Because you can dream with it, means that life is putting that dream in front of you. You suppose to pursue it. It might not be easy as it sounds, it is not. And it doesn’t supposed to be. If we could have anything we want with the minimum effort, for as good as it sounds, if life worked that way, it wouldn’t feel as wonderful when we reach our desire. Our dreams wouldn’t have the same value. 

Once of the lessons to learn in this life, I guess, it is sacrifice, not the one that you have to give up things, but the one that makes you work towards your dreams. 

Sometimes we have to quit to some paths or chose between roads. But either one you choose, it is the one you were suppose to take. If it wasn’t, you would have never followed it. It’s that simple and relieving. The only way of knowing which path is the right one is letting your heart guide you, because it knows what makes you happy.

Think about everything you did until today. Think about the good and bad decisions you took. YOU DID ALL WHAT YOU DID (GOOD OR BAD) BECAUSE YOU SUPPOSED TO. There are no mistakes. 

If it wasn’t what you supposed to do, then life wouldn’t have put you in that situation. If there is any true in all what I say, is that life has its own ways of teaching you. Some of those ways are not good experiences, and those mistakes we made are part of who we are today. 

Whatever your situation is right now, I’m sure you can find, if you think a little hard, a reason for everything that had happened to you. If you didn’t, believe this: you will find it eventually, when you are ready for it, and at the correct moment. Why do you think we are in this life at this very moment? What do you think everybody inner and deepest desire is? I think the answer is Happiness. The reason of every single dream and desire, I believe, is to be Happy. That is what we look for since the first day of our life.  Even though we wish happiness for other person, our love ones, still the deepest reason is our own happiness, wouldn’t make YOU happy to see your love one happy? 

Ask yourself this simple question: Why would I do, think or feel anything BUT what makes me Happy? I could get an infinite number of answers to that question. Responsibilities, life itself, the desire to please someone else, our own fears and limits. At the end it all comes down to only one being: yourself. Are your in charge of your own life? Do you choose, most of the times, what to do with your time? 

Are you in charge of your life? more specifically, are you in charge of your feelings? 

Nobody else in this world can be you, nobody else in this life can be inside your soul and choose your feelings. They can influence them, if YOU let them, but NOBODY can choose what you feel, what you think. 

Do you see how important YOU are in your own life? Do you see how much power you have? 

I wish, from the bottom of my heart, that every single one of you  be the happiest you can be. I know you can, you have the power to live your dreams and the only motivation should be your own happiness.


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