Only Love Matters

I am a firm believer that everything that occurs, everything that we have, everything we experience it is meant to be the way it is. There is a reason for every single thing that happens to us. We met the people we met, make connections with some of them, dislike some others. We choose certain career, we have certain hobbies. Nothing in this world happens by coincidence. The fact that I wrote this words you are now reading, the fact that I found the knowledge and that I decided to transmit it to the people who is ready for it, is not a coincidence. All this is part of a bigger plan. We are parts of a puzzle.


Think about all the decisions you took in life. Those that lead you to met people, to lose stuff, to find others. We made decisions that were meant to be taken. How did you meet your best friend? At school? At work? What if your parents decided to send you to a different school, you think you would have met somewhere else? What if one of you didn’t pass the interview with the company? would you still have developed this relationship? And why them? Why this person and no other?  When you fell in love, when you met that person you couldn’t imagine the rest of your life without. Was that a random match of the universe?

I believe that there is much more meaning behind life than we can see with our eyes and understand with our minds. I believe that life is not just a short period in time, just a gap in the history of the world. We are the history of world, we saw this sky many times before being born in this body. We had chosen the people who now share this life time with us. They were there with us before, and they will be with us in future lives. When we come back, if this is what we choose.

Everything that we experience has a purpose, life is a learning experience. What makes us happy should be pursued. That is the only way of achieving a fulfilling life: Being happy and helping one another. Love is the only real force in the universe. The love for what you do, the love for others, the love for yourself. Only that matters. Only love matters.


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