Allow yourself to feel Your emotions

I want you to imagine that you can have absolutely every material thing you want. Everything. No limits here. Imagine that no matter how much money you spend your fortune will never end. Imagine that you have an unlimited amount of income. Sounds like a perfect life doesn’t it? 17380_1329805768376_1647264_n

All of us can imagine a million different scenarios where we can have absolutely every material thing we want. What if I tell you that the price you have to pay for this unlimited amount of money is that nobody would love you. Does it still sounds like a perfect life? Not so much. Monetary richness it not what makes us happy. No matter how many material things we posses, that cannot buy our happiness. I keep hearing many versions of the phrase “money doest buy happiness but is more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes Benz/ mansion/ on top of a mountain of money/etc”. Is true that money can buy many things to make our life more comfortable, but does it mean anything if we don’t have our love ones with us?

We are creatures of Love. We need Love and crave Love in all shapes and forms. There is many types of Love, but all kind is necessary for us to become complete as the spiritual beings we are.

Remember, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. It is easy to forget about it, to get absorbed by every day problems and issues and bills and angry customers and annoying coworkers. All that is part of the human experience and we have to learn to accept it, and to recognize for what really is. Nothing is permanent. Everything is temporary. Our time on earth is temporary, our life is just a fraction of the world’s history. And that doesn’t make us unimportant, not at all. It makes us a key factor in the this amazingly infinite thing we call life. Everything you do, absolutely everything you do in your life affects directly and undirectly the life of others, your own and the course of life. Even if you don’t realize that. And you don’t realize that because we are so immerse in our own routine and fraction of reality that we lose perspective. And its ok, we have to get drawn in every day life most of the time. That is the way this life is design. It is part of the experience you are meant to live, but what we should not forget is that everything that surround us (good or bad) is a lesson. Life wants to teach us. We all have things to learn from this lifetime, and we must learn. We need to grow spiritually to reach higher levels in our next lifetimes.

I know it can be hard, I know life hurts sometimes. I know we can be lonely, we can lose hope and faith for a better tomorrow. And it is fine to feel this way from time to time. I am not going to tell you that you should not feel what you feel. You are allowed to be sad, depressed, angry, frustrated. We feel emotions, these are part of our human experience. What we should not do is make those emotions permanent. Those are part of life, and temporary. Emotions tell us how things that happen to us makes us feel. Don’t forget that your life is all about you. Emotions help us recognize our present, and by acknowledge them we analyze our life, the way we are handle it, the people we keep in our life, the way we chose to spend the most precious thing we have: our time. Emotions are valid, and you should honor them. Learn from them, understand yourself. And change what doesn’t serve you well, what doesn’t enriches your life and what doesn’t makes you happy. It requires a constant job, but nobody is rushing you. Do it on your own time and pace. You will get there, we all are working and dealing with our emotions every day of our lives. In a different way. Respect your emotions, don’t suppress them, allow yourself to live this human experience.

Free yourself of the restrictions you put in your life and in your emotions. That is the first step into our journey.


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