Live with Passion

What is your passion? Have you ever thought about it? Did you discovered it yet? Were you born knowing what your passion is? Some of us, maybe most of us, do not know those answers. Maybe you are just going with the flow of life not really knowing what to do.

One of the first steps to achieve a happy and successful life is to know what really makes you happy. You need to get to know yourself as the person you really are. Each one of us is a special and unique being. Nobody can be you the way you are. There is no competition.

You are the one who decides how you are going to live your life. You and only you can decide and know what your passion is.

A passion is something personal. No one can tell you what yours should be. It is your job to find it or to discover it. Your passion must meet some criteria:

First, a passion must make you happy. That is the main reason for having one. When you are doing what you love, time seems to fly.

Second, a passion must be something you can apply to your life, not something that you just like. Passion is not equal to hobby. We enjoy and have fun doing our hobby, but our passion involved a feeling of deep happiness and identity. Passion is who you are.

Third, if you imagine how your perfect life would be, you should be living your passion.

No matter what your passion it is, no judgments accepted. You do not have to be an expert, and forget about being perfect. If you love what you do, you will only get better and better.  Please let aside the restrictions and conditions we put in our own minds. Ignore all the reasons why you think you cannot. You are capable of achieving absolutely everything you want. If it is possible, if is out there in the world, then there should be no doubt in your mind that you can and will succeed.

I have always dreamed with leaving my hometown and traveling the world. Then we grow up and we become responsible, we have bills to pay, a house, pets, job security, etc. But for a second imagine you are 60, or 80 and you look back and realized you created a wonderful family, you have your dreamed house and you lived well most of your life. However, there is something missing: That dream you had since you were very young, remember what you said when people asked you what you wanted to be? The regret of not having done that trip, studied that career, or wrote that book.

You cannot allow yourself to forget who you are in essence just to create a life society says you have to live. You must live your life in that way you want, the way you love. We live only one life at the time, and every life we live must be passionate and happy. You can make this happen for yourself. You deserve it, you are worthy of your dreams and happiness more than anybody else. Do it for you.



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