10 Steps to live a happier life

We were given this life because there are lessons to be learn from it. To grow and become better we have to go through these experiences life place in front of us. Everything you were given is right for you, your body, your mind, your dreams, your passions, your family, friends, even the things you do not like about you or your life. All those things are just right for you. I am convinced that life is not a sequence of coincidences. It is not about being born, working, stressing, buying, and then dying. Life is so much deeper and there is so much more that what we can see and understand. We may not understand life until we die, or maybe not even then. Nevertheless, isn’t it better to BELIEVE? to think that there is a reason behind all what happen to us? Don’t we learn from bad experiences? Don’t we grow?  Sometimes life can be very painful, hard and unfair. Even that is part of the lesson, part of the experience we need to live.

We were given our dreams because we are supposed to pursue them. The most important reason for life is to be HAPPY: Our happiness cannot depend on no one else it is ours. We need to own our life, our feelings. We cannot let someone else condition them.

I am convinced that better days are yet to come. When I look back, and remember the worse days I’ve lived through, those days when I thought the world wasn’t going to get any better, ever and that dying was the best solution to my hopeless life, I realize that I had overcome those feelings, those bad moments. Everything is temporary. This also will pass.

10 Steps to live a happier life:

LET IT GO. First, you cannot control everything. Second, you cannot control everything.  What others think, feel, say or do it is NOT under your control. The only thing you can control is yourself. You cannot control situations. The world keeps moving, life keep going, everything keeps changing and it is not following anybody’s orders. Life is free and you should be free from your obsession for control as well. You cannot control everything. However, you can control you and your thoughts, which create your life.

KEEP LIFE SIMPLE. Life is to be lived, not suffered. Life is a learning process, an experience. A lifetime is short, and we cannot waste any time in doing what we do not love, feeling bad, hating, fighting, complaining, or not working towards our happiness. Your main job in this life is to be happy. Life is much simpler than what we think it is. Life is so much bigger than our worries. Look around, and you will see. There are so many stories going on right now, so many people living a much better and much worse life than our own. If we stop for a minute and think about those who are going through hard situations, then that would lessen our pain. We think our problem is the biggest of them all, we think our pain is the deepest of the pains. And of course, for us it is, but to stop feeling that way, we need to look around and realize that we are not alone with our pain, that there are many, so many people in this world with the same problem, with the same pain, and most of the times a bigger one. They still standing and you will still standing too.

HAVE FAITH. I am a very religious person. I LOVE GOD so much I cannot express it with words, it is a feeling that I cannot compare with any other. However, I understand that there are many that do not believe in a superior being exist. I also learned that you do not need to believe in God to have faith. From my perspective, faith is the conviction that there is something better, greater and amazing in our future. Faith is to know within yourself that things can and WILL become better. Faith is being sure that you will be happy. To have faith is to live your life fully as a complete human being; faith is a very powerful thing.

THINK. Think a little more in what you can do to make your life better, and think a little less in what you do not like about your life. Is there something you are doing that makes things worse for yourself? Is there someone that makes things worse? We cannot let anybody control our feelings, our inner self. That belongs to you, and ONLY you. Think about why you feel the way you feel and what you can do about it to change the way you feel, Because YOU CAN. Choosing and mastering our thoughts and feelings is an extremely hard job, but it is true that we can, and should do it. Some days you will be over everything, and tired, mad, and just upset with the world and you will think that nothing can change your mood. There is someone that can, that is you. You can put on some music, you can read a book, you can look at pictures of places you want to visit, you can call a friend but not to talk about your bad mood, but to remember a good time you had together. You can get your favorite food for dinner, or you can make it yourself, you can get a glass of wine (only one) and you can watch your favorite. When we have those days is better not to think too much, because what put us in that mood was our own thoughts of the situations that we live, or lived, or the fear of what we will live. We are the reason and the origin of ALL our feelings and moods.

RELAX. Find a couple of minutes a day for yourself and meditate. You can start with just a couple of minutes a week. Close your eyes and just focus on your breathing, you will notice it immediately becomes slower and deeper, just because you are observing it. Just do that. Do not restrain your emotions or thoughts. Thoughts will come to your mind and leave, do not fight them. Just let them come to you and let them go by just focusing in your breathing. Do this for 3 to 5 minutes. Open your eyes again. When you incorporate meditation in your routine, you will learn to handle stress of daily life. Try meditation.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. In all aspects. Nobody will take better care of yourself than you will. Eat healthy, exercise, have fun. Treat yourself, once a month have your nails done, or go get a massage, just because. Have a good meal at your favorite restaurant, or go to the movies. Try to do this alone; spending time with yourself is necessary. We need to get to know ourselves without exterior conditioning. When we are alone, we have to deal with all of what we are. By knowing yourself better, you will bring much more happiness to the world. Remember that you are special, nobody can be you the way you are. You are your best company!

PLAN. Have one. You need to know what you want, what would make you happy, what are your passion and goals. Plan and take the first step. The rest will come with time, things will start happening once you give that first step. Take that course, start meditating, save the first 5 dollars, open that savings account, no matter what it is, TAKE THAT STEP. You only have today; tomorrow will take care of itself.

CLEAN. Clean your house, your life, your closet and your mind. Throw away the things you do not need, really. Throw old stuff away (donate them, give it to somebody, or sell them!). Seriously, you will feel much more light and free. Clean your life from toxic people, not explanation or apologies needed.  Do not feel bad for cutting contact with those that do not bring good vibes or energy into your life. This is your life; this is your time and dreams. You do not have time for negative people, who only live to nag, gossip or hate.

ORGANIZE. Organize your closet, old papers and documents, your house, your office, but most importantly: Your thoughts.  Have order in your life. If you live in an organized environment your thoughts and your energy will be canalized into what is important, your passion. Your happiness.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Only you know what you love and what makes you happy. DO IT. Do not think for a moment in what others would think or say. They have their own journey and that does not have anything to do with yours. Live life! If you think you do not have time, stop watching TV, stop being on your phone for hours, stop scrolling down Facebook. DO WHAT YOU LOVE. You have to dedicate time to your passion. Nobody was born knowing, but if you love what you do or want to do, you will get better and better at it with time. Give yourself the time to do what you love.  If you do not have the money, you need to reach your goals, stop buying lunch at work, cook at home (which is also healthier). Stop going out every weekend, have fun in a different way, so when you do go out it will be much more fun. Save your money. Honestly, how many pair of shoes do you need? How many things do you need? Saving that money to help you reach your goals is much more important than to have a new dress/ piece of clothing every week.

Make your passion a part of your life. That is the meaning of your life. That is why you are in this world. Share your talent with the world. Show your worth, your passion is what you are: You will be the happiest you can be. Life open the way for you, you just have to have enough courage to follow your heart.

Find it, if you do not know what your passion is, you must find it. It is highly important that you do. Is never too late to start living the life you want and deserve to live. You were not born just to work and struggle and pay bills and be stuck in traffic and be miserable. You were born to be happy, to grow, to help others to grow, to love and to be all what you want to be. Nobody can tell you what is right or wrong. As long as you are not hurting anybody, you have to live your life the way you want to. Do not give regret a chance. Do not let your life go and wait until cannot do what you always wanted. Do not do that to yourself, you are a majestic being, you are an amazing creation, and you have the capacity to achieve absolutely everything. I know you will.

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