What can you do today to start changing your life?

All big changes start with one single first step. You can create your own reality, and this is the whole truth. Your reality is how you perceive things that happen around you. All us live in the same world, with the same type of problems; But what is the difference between the people who always seem to have something to celebrate, and the people who no matter how much they have, still unhappy. Those people keep trying to find happiness where they wont find it: the exterior.


Those who truly are happy have a positive perception of their reality. Sometimes they also suffer, they have bad days and problems like all of us, but they accept these. They know that some things (most things) we cannot control. The only thing under our control is our perception of life. If we can change the perception of our lives, the way we look at things, we can change our emotions and thoughts and ultimately our reality. Is that simple.

To change the way we look at things we must remember that everything that happens in your life is interconnected.

Let’s say you missed the train or bus to get to work. It is reasonable that your first reaction will be to get frustrated and to worry about all the sequence of consequences of missing the bus and getting to work late. But, if you manage to stop those thoughts from developing in your mind and just remind yourself that nobody ever got late anywhere. You get there when you are supposed to, not before, not after. You will immediately change your perception of what just happened and will let go of that anger and frustration.

What if you took that bus and you encounter someone who was having a terrible day and gave you an attitude because you accidentally bumped into them when you got in the bus, you would get annoyed and will start your day in a bad way. Emotions and moods are contagious, this happens all the time and throughout our day. That is why is a must that every time you leave your house, you protect yourself with a armor of good energy, that anybody under any circumstance, can break. What if in the next bus you encounter only smiles? We are where we need to be, when we need to be, all the time. If we accept this and let go, everything will become much clearer.

Everything, absolutely everything depends in how we perceive it. Remember the things you thought were going to ruin your life? You got through it. It’s in the past, it was temporary.

Of course, there will be hurtful moments and sad situations, losses and discussions; but open your heart and accept them as they come to you. Acceptation should be one of the pillars that rule your life. When we start accepting situations we can’t change, things we can’t modify, we free ourselves.

To accept doesn’t mean to give up. It does not mean to stay in your comfort zone and do nothing. That is not acceptation, that is resignation. You cannot resign from your dreams and hopes. Accept things as things are and focus your energy in what you can do in your space, with your life and thoughts.


What can you do, within yourself,  that will bring you closer to your dreams, goals, passion and ultimately to live a happy life? Do you have to cut off people from your life? End bad relationships? Relationships that don’t bring any good to your life, or that brings more pain that happiness. There is no good enough reason to stick in that kind of relationship, regardless if it is a romantic relationship or a friendship. Remember that you live one life at a time, and your main goal is to learn and grow. If the people you put in your life is not helping you to be better and happier, then you must let them go. I know is hard, painful and extremely difficult to let go of someone you love. But you must love yourself most of all. All that love that you give others so easily, you should give to yourself. Nobody will ever love you more than you love yourself. The way others treat you is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. It is only an internal battle they are dealing with themselves, and under any circumstances  you should stay or take that. Walk away from that situation NOW, but still accept them as they are, and let them go

Accept, love and honor the majestic creation you are. You have things to work on? do that. Do you need to stop or start doing something to be happier ? Then do it. Do anything you need to do, to start being the happiest you can be. Do this mainly for yourself, and for those who love you. This is valid for all of us, so you should accept and honor others the same way.

Let yourself go of what is less than perfect in your life.

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