LOVE yourself more

Remember that person who’s needs you set aside? the one you take care of last, the one that you don’t worry about because you are worrying/loving/looking at the others? Yes that person, yourself.

You deserve that love you give to others. You, more than anybody else, deserve it. Please do never regret or feel guilty because you are taking care of you. Nobody will ever take care of you like yourself. What about you? What makes YOU happy?

Honor yourself. Love yourself is a hard job, it demands daily reminders of how great you are. We all have flaws and make mistakes, embrace them and accept them, those are part of who you are.

Respect yourself. Self respect doesn’t mean to be arrogant or to think you are better than anybody, you are not. We are just different, with different roles in life, goals and passions, different skills, minds and souls.

There is no competition. Competition doesn’t exist because you are unique, there is no one in this world that can be you. Nobody can be you. You are special, unique and different from the rest.

Embrace what makes you different, that is who you are. That beautiful you.

If you could only see how powerful you are, how much control you have in your life… You make your own choices, we constantly make them, but how many of those choices are prioritizing our happiness?

Repeat to yourself “I am doing this because (insert your own name here) deserves it” And truly believe it. Truly in your heart believe that you deserve all the wonderful things you dream with and repeat it until you believe it. Until there is no doubt in your body that you deserve to be happy and to do whatever you have to do to be happy.

How do you want others to treat you? What can you stop the way other treats you to affect you? First, you must change the way you treat yourself.

Cinco Saltos - Rio Negro - Argentina

Cinco Saltos – Rio Negro – Argentina

The way others treat you or relate to you, is only a reflection of how you treat yourself. If you treat yourself like the great being you are, nobody would ever dare to mistreat you. You do this by walking away from situations that don’t honor you.

This is not being arrogant or thinking you are better than another person. This is about how much you love and respect the being you are and not allowing anybody to treat you in any way less than what you deserve.

Loving yourself means taking care of yourself in all aspects. Eat healthy, don’t stress, don’t getting offended and don’t offending someone else, because they are also souls  working on their journey, that has nothing to do with you.

Self love means to have fun and spending time with people that loves you, and most importantly spending time with yourself, not alone but with yourself. You are your best friend and company. You know you better than anybody. Honor all what you are.

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