Drop it

This has been said many times. But I will repeat it, because it is true and you need to know it.

You will get pass this. This will be a memory, a part of your life and just one more experience. Do not escape the pain, accept it, it makes you human. Accept your emotions, they are all valid and important. Work on what is less than perfect. You always have the power to change your reality.

Do not let anybody break your soul, you are so much important than that. Let them go. Let them live how they want to live. And just focus on you. You have to take care of yourself.

Do not spend a minute crying for someone else who probably is having a great time, or not. That is not what should matter to you. They are not here with you. So wipe your tears off your face, and get yourself together. You are going to survive. One step at the time, just take care of today, tomorrow will be another day and another opportunity to be better.

It is true that time heals everything. The worst is behind you. Is like when you burn your finger with the stove. It hurts so much and you can’t think in anything else for a little while. But with a little time it heals, right? That way your heart will also heal from your emotional burn.

I know you feel that everything is over now, that your life doesn’t worth a penny. But that is the biggest mistake we can make, to believe our life is worthless. It is not, your life is important. You were put here to learn lessons, to become better.

Remember what you really are, we are souls having a human experience. Remember.

You are bigger than this, you are above this. Human life is ethereal but our souls are eternal. Look at the bigger picture, put your worries aside for a moment. Take yourself out of the equation and look at the world. What worries you is really that important? Look how many people in the world are going through the same or much worse situations. It just life. That is how life and experiences are created.

Everything is a cycle, like everything else in this world. Like within our cells, in nature. We go from bad moments, to great moments, to happy memories, to emptiness and back up to happiness again.

That is life, but what you must remember is that when you are going through the not-so-good moments, it is also temporary. Is part of the cycle.

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