Get Unstuck

How long can we hold on to something we know is hurting us? Something that we know does not belong in our lives.

That something that takes value from you, that doesn’t help your grow and develop into a much better person, to reach your goals. That might be someone, or a job or a habit. How long can you stand it?

We may even get used to the pain or the bad feelings that it bring to us. How empty you feel after seeing this person, or after getting off that job, or after that conversation with that not-so-good friend? That emptiness you feel is the energy they took from you. The feeling that you didn’t gain anything good from this interaction and you gave what is most precious to you: your time.

We must be wise with our time, because this is, as you know, the only thing that we cannot get back. Once is spent is gone.

Ask yourself: until when? When will you decide that you want to stop suffering? I know you may say: “I never wanted to suffer” “I was only looking for my happiness”. Well unfortunately, or luckily we are the ones that bring blessings and not-blessings to our lives. We have that control.

We have to stop blaming someone else for our problems, or the universe or God. We must own our actions, think about it and be responsible for your choices.

I am sure you can see that the signs were there. I am sure you recognized the red flags but you decided to bet on it. And that is not a bad thing. We always must take our chances and see what life is offering us, but once the things don’t go as planned, you have to let yourself go of that. You have to keep moving.

Do not get stuck. Answers will come to you at the right moment.  If you are not there yet consciously and if you didn’t learn your lesson you will keep attracting the same situation again, and again, and again. Because you are acting the same way over and over.

It is no coincidence that the same happened to you, not once but twice, or maybe more than that. Life is not against you.

Own your life. Own your choices and the decisions you took based on what you knew and most importantly, felt. Our feelings are what moderate and indicate if the path we are following is the right path. And we know this because we either feel good, or bad.

If you weren’t present in that moment, and you just reacted to an impulse or a momentarily feeling the result will be frustration. You lost focus, you lost essence because of the circumstances surrounding you.  And I get it, we are humans we make mistakes, we act upon a feeling or by impulse, we are just learning. True. But how many times? How many mistakes it takes for you to learn the lesson?

This applies to all interactions and all aspects of your life. Are you really handling your life the way it should be to reach your goals and dreams? Are you heading that way? Are you heading ANY way?

You know you cannot control everything, you can’t control people’s reactions. answers, choices or feelings. But, what are you going to do with what you do have some control over? Yourself.

By being happy within yourself you are bringing happiness to the world, and you must know this. Be aware of how important you are and the reach your feelings have. We are all connected.

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