You attract what you are

If you haven’t seen the documentary “The secret”, please watch it now. If you are ready and have that level of consciousness, it can change your life, like it did with mine.

As you know, we are energy. We transmit our energy to all that surround us and absorb the energy from our environment. That is the reason why when you get up and decide that you are in a bad mood you will keep encountering situations and people that will only increase that mood. You will end up having a bad day because you were vibrating that energy and attracted more bad energy into your day. Similar energies attract each other. If you give this a thought you will realize it is true and it happened to you before.

The essence of this knowledge is that you have control. You have control over yourself and over what happens to you. Even when we can’t control the things that come to us, we have control over our responses and reactions. Be aware that to react is not the same as to respond. If you take a minute when facing a problem, and you process it to understand what was your role in the manifestation of this situation, you will learn how to respond in a productive way. You will get to a level of consciousness that will help you overcome whatever challenge you are in. You will be vibrating a different energy, an energy of acceptance and responsibility over your reality. The reality you created for yourself.

Remember that the way you think and the things you speak about is energy that you are vibrating. Nobody wants to be listening to negative people all day, you know this because you don’t want to hear it, so do not become that person. That is not part of you or your essence.  Do not let external situations change your energy and do not make the problems part of who you are.

We all face challenges, think about your actions and analyze if you have a little or a lot of responsibility for the outcome. If not, then do not make that your problem, do not own it. Let it be and let it go. The same way the situation came into your life, is going to leave. Spend your precious energy and time doing what you love and focusing on your interests. Going over and over the same thing won’t help to change anything. Think about what you can do to fix it, if is up to you, and do it. Then think about what you can do to avoid encountering this situation in the future and keep moving.

You have no time for complicated people or situations. Clear yourself, your mind and your life. Keep it simple. 

People that find themselves in complicated situations for years are there because of their own confusion about what they really want. If you are clear in your mind, you will reflect and attract what you want into your reality. Remember that you create your reality. You do it by the choices you take daily and the energy you vibrate.

You only have today to live, tomorrow will come and you will take care of it when it happens. What can you do now? Let go, take responsibility and accept things as they are, do not resist. Accept and let go.

I’ve been waiting on things all my life. Always waiting for the next thing to happen. But all I did was wait and get frustrated during the process because I didn’t like waiting. And as I look back, things happened when they were suppose to happen and my bad attitude just made it worse for myself.  The fact that I was frustrated, anxious and feeling bad about it didn’t change anything except the way I lived through it. I know that if I would have felt different, everything could have been better.

It is easy to forget,  but remind yourself: you only have now to live. Are you vibrating the right energy to become what you want to be?


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