Live WITH expectations

If you truly believe with absolute certainty that you deserve, it your life can be a fairy tale.

To have expectations is to live with hope, to expect that something great is coming to you. And you should always expect the best.

Please, do not listen to the people that tells you that you can’t live this way or another, that life is not a fairytale. That is their reality, not yours. And by the way, what entitles them to judge or tell you how you have to live your life? If you want a fairytale then that is what you will attract. You will discover that fairy tales are possible.

Remember that you are what you attract and vibrate.

Why they say is bad to have expectations? Why can’t we live expecting something good to happen? Hoping. Why is more accepted to live without expecting anything, living a hopeless life?

You always have to hope for good things to come to you, and that doesn’t mean you should be delusional or deny reality. That means you create your own reality. Why “living in a fantasy” is bad? and most importantly, why you keep listening to people who feel entitled to tell you what to believe in? Nobody has the right to tell you that what you believe in is wrong.  You have your own journey and what works for you, might not work for them. If you are not happy with your life right now, face what you have to face, change what it needs to be changed and go follow your dreams. Only you can do it. Only you have the power and control.

The first step: Believe you deserve it. Because you do. You are worthy of all that what you dream with. You will manifest absolutely everything you truly and deeply believe you deserve. I encourage you to believe in your fairy tale, your perfect life. Attract it and create it.

You deserve to have expectations, dreams and hopes. And you will achieve what you desire. But first, believe that you can.

“Take the fist step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the fist step.”  

– Martin Luther King Jr. 

Have the absolute conviction that you are worthy of your dreams. Be so sure about it that absolutely anything can discourage you.

What you dream with is already out there. It is part of your reality. The mere fact that you can dream with it is an affirmation that you can achieve it.

Affirm it and manifest it. Do not lose hope or get discouraged on yourself or on your fairy tale.  Either if you believe it possible or not, you are right. You have the power to make things possible or impossible for yourself.

If you can see how much power you hold… How strong your energy is. You vibrate the energy of your desire, whether you tell yourself that you can or can’t have it, will become your reality.  Either way you are right. Depends on your thoughts and energy.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Maybe you should consider to clean your life from negative people. Do not hold resentment against them, they are in a another level of consciousness. Every time someone makes you feel bad about yourself, remember: it is you who are making yourself feel bad.  What another person says or expresses from their own level of consciousness, you should not own it. You are in another place, and if you are no, put yourself in a place of happiness and good energy.

If you are reading this, you are on another level of understanding. Do not let anybody who doesn’t understand what you do bring you down to their level.

Live with expectations! Expect great things to happen to you. Live that fantasy! But be responsible for your part and fix the things you have to in order to become what you want to become. You should enjoy working for what you want. It is not about suffering the process, is about enjoying it and EXPECTING always the best.

Because you only deserve the best.

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