Reconnect with yourself

Be in touch with your essence as much as you can. Remember who you are and find your inner motivation for life. There is something you came to do to this world. There is a reason and a motive for your life, maybe not only one but many. If you don’t know what is it yet, find it.

You were a child once, a child with dreams and fantasies, remember when you used to say: When I grow up I want to be (…)? Well now is the time, you should have full control of your life by now, if not… its time to get it back.

Maybe you lost the sense of self, you forgot who you really are.

Your parents, or who raised you, invested in you, believed in you, took care of you. Someone cared for you, honor that. I am sure that there are a lot of people that care for you today, even though you are focusing in those who don’t.

See what you do have, open your eyes and be thankful to what life gave you. Yes, I know life is not perfect, that many of you may be going through a hard time, and I understand that. But just remember: life is measured by lessons learned and experiences.

This is just another challenge. Life can be better, you can make it better. Do not focus in what you don’t have. You can be anything you wanted to be, tell yourself that those childhood dreams were and are valid. Maybe those changed with time, but you still are alive. You still have the right to live the life you want to live.

You can follow your passion, no matter what it is. Believe in yourself, like the child you were believed. You didn’t have any boundaries to dream, and didn’t care if things were “imposible” because for children anything is possible. Learn from children, they have no fear to be what they want to be. Now, as an adult you can honor those dreams and make them come true. And make yourself happy.

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