Why is easier not to believe than to believe?

We limit ourselves and turn away from faith and expectations, we fear to believe. But the fear of living life at its full capacity is what is holding us back from all we can be!

We deserve better. We don’t want to believe that there is something greater and bigger behind all your problems. We prefer to live a life without expectations than to be disappointed, but what is the point and meaning of a life without hope? We chose not to believe because is more comfortable. Safer.


There is a meaning and significance about life, different and special for each and every one of us. We all have a different idea of what life, God, Universe or death are about. Find your truth. What do you believe in? Don’t be afraid to fall, trust, but trust in yourself first of all.

Fail down seven times, stand up eight time

If what you believe makes you happy now, why not choose it? Why not to believe? Choose to believe what makes you happy now, the present is all we have. It might not be easy to believe, it is a hard job to keep your faith through life down moments, but if you stick with your faith and have the conviction that you will get only good things, and this is all part of a bigger plan,  the feeling is immensely rewarding. Faith is what keep us moving. What keep us going.

Look back, and acknowledge that every time you went through a rough patch, you overcame it, you moved on and your life became richer and you experience greater. You learned.


Acceptance is not giving up, is being in peace with life, with what comes in and out of it. We can’t hold on and resist something, let it come and let it go if that is what is has to do. You will be much more free.

Things, people and situations enter your life and then leave. Everything is a cycle. Do not resist, because life will constantly change. Life never stay still, things change, and its meant to be the way it is.

Always remember our time here is short, is temporary. Everything moves so fast. Find balance in life, you can’t rush through days and months not enjoying the present because you are waiting on the future.

We always live in the future and one day it is too late, life is gone.

Jim Carrey said that he wishes everybody could be rich and famous, so we can see that all that doesn’t mean happiness. We are always saying: when I get (insert wish here) I will be happy, when I buy that car, when I get the relationship or the house, job etc… And when we get that, we see that is not enough and we are still unhappy. We always want something we don’t have. We want more. We are looking for happiness where we won’t find it.

Is life experiences and moments that build our happiness, is your inner strength and balance, and your ability to find always something to be grateful for, Taking life challenges with another attitude, learning what is the meaning of your life, what can you do for the world to be better, all that makes up your happiness.

We should treasure moments and accept what we can’t change, make plans for the things we can make better and enjoy what we do every day. If you don’t enjoy what you do, please change that. Only you can do that, do not be afraid! Don’t allow fear to keep you away from your dreams.

Remember life goes by so fast. What stories you want to tell your grandchildren?

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