What I have learned through meditation

I have been attending to a meditation course for the past month. I have learned -or reconfirmed- the power we hold within us.

We are so powerful, amazing beings, we can change the world. Because the world is whatever we make of it.

One of the things I learned is Mindfulness. Be there, aware of life now, feel the present, that is all we have after all.

Acceptance, let things come and go, life your thoughts, feelings, situations, people. Let them flow in and out of your life, let them be free.

Love and kindness. See everything that surrounds you with eyes of love, even the things you don’t like, the people you don’t get along with, sent them love and focus on what you do love. Soon, there will be only love surrounding you. Because you changed the way you see them.

During the past month I have also endured many difficult situations. Meditation helped me to see my problems from another perspective and to let things be, I did not resist, I trusted. Things are getting better because I feel better about my life, and I feel grateful for all the wonderful things that will come to my life in the future.

I keep learning that no matter what happens, there is always a way out. If you manage to keep faith and trust the process, things will get solved. Things will get better. Life is full of challenges, and I have my fair share of those… But I am so strong in my faith. I am so deeply sure that life will be great, and I have control over how I feel about those challenges or situations. No matter what comes along, I know I will get pass that.

Accept yourself now, be present, be mindful of this moment. This moment will be gone so fast, be present. Love yourself now, and work to become who you want to become. You are just right, everything in your life is just right for you. It was meant to be the way it is, to prepare you and to teach you what you need to learn from this life time.

Accept yourself, you are unique in this world. Nobody in this world can be you.

You can’t keep waiting “until” to be happy, that moment won’t come, because you are pushing it away every time you tell yourself that NOW you don’t deserve it, that NOW is not a good time, that NOW you are not prepared. And that “now” becomes permanent, you won’t be ready, because there is no time, time is an illusion, everything is now.

Love yourself now, be grateful now, accept now, be mindful now, be present in your life NOW.

What is happening now is all that matters, is all we have, that is the magic of life. We don’t know what is coming, but we can believe and create our own future.

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