How to keep going

You know that feeling you get when something bad happens in your life? When someone do you wrong? when you been lied to, cheated on, or when you see it happening in front of your eyes, and you still being told that is not what it seems like?

When all that you thought is was true, all that gave you happiness was a lie. All your hopes about a future that won’t happen. Letting go of that reality that we created in our minds,  that is the hardest. To come back down to earth and affront the truth is what hurts the most. We try to hold on to hope and to the little, almost unreal facts that we create in our minds and try to bring them to reality no matter what.

What do you do after that with your days? with your life or with you.

The first thing is to find yourself again, you can’t know what to do with you if you don’t know who You are

Where do you find yourself? With the people that REALLY love you, with the ones that have been there listening to your hour long conversations about the pain you were feeling. Those friends, who stood by your side in your lowest moment. With them is where you will find yourself.

Reconnect with yourself by being alone

 Deep down in you is your essence, who you really are. Your essence is nowhere else but IN YOU.Learn how to be alone, love to be alone, you are your best company.Do whatever you have to do to feel better yourself. Start by taking care of your basic needs: eat well, sleep right, rest. That is your main focus, DO NOT LOSE FOCUS.

Once that is taken care of, proceed to your secondary needs. It is fine and valid to be selfish during these times.

Keep what you can control under control

Your second needs are going to the gym, or pay your bills and do whatever you have to do in order to keep control of your life. Remember we cannot control someone else feelings or actions. Only they can, but what you can control is how you react to that.

Control yourself, don’t go looking for trouble or more pain by checking their Facebook just to see how much happier than you they are. In reality we all know social media is the face we want to show the world, but behind that there is a whole different reality. You know that, so don’t let the lives of others affect how you feel about your own.

Find balance within yourself

That is the beginning to start healing. Once you find yourself, with all your flaws and beautiful things in you, then you are ready to affront what is out there. Know yourself better than anything, be so sure about who you are and your values and mistakes that no one could ever take you off your path again. And most importantly: Respect yourself. As you respect the most precious thing you have in life, could be family, or friends, or a boss, or even God. If you respect God then respect his creation, you.

See things from a different perspective

When the storm pass, yes there is things destroyed behind it, but you still standing. Your essence still there and you will get pass this, as the world got pass other storms before this one and the ones that will come after.

You can do this, you have the power within you. And it may take you a little longer to see it, but you will eventually discover it. The fact that you are already working on it makes you better than yesterday, and it will make you even greater tomorrow.

You worth it, You really worth all you want

Just because someone else, who also has their own problems and issues and flaws and history and lives, didn’t see it, doesn’t make you less valuable. That makes you more experienced, and them less wise. Because we are all in a learning process, they lied and they will have to  work to fix that in their own experience. You were lied to and you have to learn to forgive and let it go. And then you will be greater.

Now connect with your inner self. Remember who you are. Remember there is always something else we can’t see.

Connect again with your dreams and goals. At least remember what they were, what is it that you really want. There’s where you are going to find yourself again.

Yes you will fall again, and again but every time this happen it will make you stronger and stronger until you never fall for the same thing. And then another thing may make you fall a little, but using your past experiences you will fall more gracefully and get up even more stronger and wiser.

Like Dr. Brian Weiss says: You are not alone, you are always loved.


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