ALWAYS chose your dreams

I had a great job offer a couple of weeks ago. It implied that I quit my dream to leave in a few months to travel the world. A dream I have since I can remember, since I’m a child and felt curious about other places.

I got to this crossroad. On one side my career, great payment, opportunity to apply what I have studied… On the other, the dream and reason of my life. What I’ve been looking forward to for years.

I asked myself, what would make me proud of who I am? What is the option that gets me closer to who I really am?

I chose my dream: To travel and to see the world.

While I was seating at the HR office I saw a huge map hanging on the wall, and I got lost looking at it. And I realize, this is not where I have to be, this is not me. “Me” is out there, “Me” is travel the world, “Me” is doing something, even if is the smallest thing, to make this world a little better. “Me” was not that job, a higher salary or the office hours. “Me” is something I still have to find, out there, somewhere.

The signs are there, you just need to look closer. When in doubt, always follow the path that gets you closer to your dream.

That moment when you have to choose, follow your dreams despite fear and obstacles.

This is the time of the year when we all start thinking about our resolutions, our past year, what have we accomplished and what we still need to work on…

This past year has been a challenging one, and the ones prior this one even more. I have been presented with numerous unexpected situations, and many moments when I wanted to disappear from this world. Now, I look back and see that all those things got solved. I did my part, my work, but at some point I had to let it go and things settle pretty well in many aspects of my life. Some others need a little more work.

This is the time of the year when all seems to come together and we feel either disappointed, sad, exhausted or just in between and with a lot of ambiguous feelings. In our minds at this point we should decide now what we are going to do… Because on Dec. 31st at midnight the reset bottom get pressed and we all “start over”.

But time is just an illusion, a calendar that says certain day is the end of a year an the beginning of the next one is just part of the reality we as human created.

Time, as many more things, still is a mystery… However is nice to feel we all have a new chance to do what we love, to accomplish what we have been looking for and to reach our dreams.


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