New Year’s Ultimate Goal

We have to start our year with the certainty that we deserve everything we wish for.

We deserve our dreams and everything that is good in the world. But most importantly we deserve all the love we freely give to others.

Love yourself first and more than anything else. You should be your first and biggest Love of Your life. That way you can Love and others can Love you back. But first, love yourself.

Self-love is the beginning and the end of everything in life. That is the reason and root of all the Love throughout your existence.

This is not about being narcissist or thinking you are better than someone else, that is not Love. That is taking you far away from love.

As long as you don’t feel complete within yourself you cannot share love with anyone else. You should not make someone else responsible for your happiness and convert them into the only source of Love. Others are also free, and yourself will be the only person you will always have with you.

By loving yourself you bring to this world your own light. People get attracted to you and your energy of Love, bringing even more Love of all kinds in return to your life.

That should be our first goal of the new year: Love ourselves.


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