When enough is enough

Many times during our lives we will get to a crossroad. We either stay the way we are, keep doing what we have been doing, dreaming about what we could be if we dared to take that step… or we move forward into the unknown. 

Sometimes we get to the point where we don’t want to keep hurting and making the same mistakes and we become conscious about it. Sometimes we know it is enough and time to move on, but for some reason we can’t. Our minds are divided, part of us want to move on and keep going but that little hidden part is holding on to what we can’t let go of. Is it because of fear? Is it because of love? When do we reach the point of “enough is enough”?

Many would say nothing that hurts you can come from love, but I am no one to judge the way people love, the way they feel. Sometimes who we love the most is the one that hurt us the most and vice versa.

Everything is so ambiguous when it comes to human relationships, it is impossible to generalize feelings. Nobody can tell you what is right or wrong to feel, you feel what you feel and you love and hurt. So when love is involved it is hard to know and realize when we have had  enough of this situation. You may never come to that point if you don’t consciously do an effort. But if something just brings pain and suffering, then there is no more thinking to do about it, we must let it go.

Ask yourself: Why Am I still in this situation? I am not growing from it, I am not getting closer to be who I want to be, and most importantly… Is hurting me.

The situation is the cause of your pain, but is yourself who have to power to either stay or take yourself out of it. And ultimately your thoughts are the ones that bring pain to you.

And yes, letting go will hurt too. To hurt is part of life, we cannot go through it without experiencing some kind of pain, some of them may be stronger than others. But that is how we grow, how we learn. If everything in life would be nice, we wouldn’t know how to appreciate the lessons we came to learn.

Everything is perfect. Even that pain you are feeling is part of your journey, and is helping you to grow. Years from now you will recognize that, for now just look at this as another lesson.

If you are ready to let go of this teaching, of that teacher… Then let yourself go.




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