How did I learn to be so strong

A few days ago a friend of mine told me that I was a strong woman.

After summarizing all what I’ve been through the past 5 years living alone in the US, getting over very bad situations, an accident, heartbreaks, the exhausting process to get my citizenship, lawsuit, countless changes of jobs, and I still managed to get my second degree in Hospitality.

IMG_7438I sometimes have to remember how to be strong. I think about my grandmother, at the age of 15, surviving the war in Italy, eating from the garbage with her newborn baby, sleeping in barns, being scared of life. She survived all that, she overcame her fears, and now if one of the strongest women I know.

I think about my mom, who survived a miserable childhood, had no mother figure, an alcoholic stepdad, violence and abuse. When she thought her life was finally becoming the fairytale she had always hoped for, it was taken away from her. Everything crumbled down. But she step right back up. Pushed by the circumstances or not, she did it, and kept going.

These women have been my guide and example through my childhood and teenage years.My relationship with both of them is extremely difficult but no matter what they taught me so much.

Now, looking back to my own experiences and life, I can proudly say: Yes I am strong. I am one of the strongest and most determined women I’ve ever met.

But I am not the only one. And the truth is, we all have it within us.

All what we recognize in others, we have in us. We can be all that we want to be. It is just a matter of doing the work.

Yes I’ve overcome many hard situations alone. I made many mistakes, I left my guard down with the wrong people over and over again. But that is just proof of my innocent heart, and those were amazing lessons.

Even to those bad moments I look at with love. Even to those who broke my heart I send love. When you are learning, when you are awake to life and the lessons it has for you, then you can look at everything with love and kindness.

When I think of the accident that changed my life, I send love to that. When I think of the men that used me and left me, I send love to them. When I think of the horrible job experiences and bosses, I send love to them. Every single one of those events, experiences, people and problems were lessons.

I repeat to myself over and over “if I wouldn’t have gone through all that, I wouldn’t be who I am today” And today I am one of the strongest person I know.


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