What is the scariest thing you did?

I am about to change my life around. I am to take the step that will change everything for me.

I never did something as scary as this. Maybe the time I decided to never come back home and stay in a estrange country without knowing what was going to be of me.

Now I’m leaving all behind, once again. And walking into the fog with a heart full of hopes and confidence.

I keep hearing people telling me “I wish I could do that” and I’m impressed. I don’t have magic powers. I have the same fears and questions and doubts that everyone else has. But I also have courage, a courage that roars inside of me.

I am not afraid of living, or risking, of taking that jump.

I think that is the difference between people that actually are living their dreams and those others too afraid of risking their safety zone. And both things are valid, everybody live the life they are meant to. But I don’t support fear.

I get scared but I don’t give in. I get up and look at fears’ eyes and say up to its face: I am going to do this, you can come if you want but you better be ready for the ride.

I used to seat in my room back in Buenos Aires and look at the map on my wall. A map of the whole world. I imagine myself in every city, in every country. I thought it was impossible. I thought it was just a dream, but my heart knew better. My heart knew that was my call.

Am I afraid? Hell YES. Do I doubt myself? Not for a single moment.



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