My Packing List for a long trip

During the next few months I will be traveling from the US to Europe to Asia and back.

Considering that I will be encountering all kinds of different weather during my journey… my main question was: What do I pack? Do I need to bring my whole closet?

Well… I decided to bring the following items, keeping in mind that the key is: Dress in layers and… pack ROLLING YOUR CLOTHES.

All the following items fit into my 40L backpack . The clothes I’m wearing during flights are included on the list.

Im also bringing a second smaller backpack with my laptop, documents and camera.

You can read general advices about packing on this post.

Clothing: Keep it simple and neutral colors so is  easy to combine them. Try to keep everything to the minimum and be smart, wear dark colors mostly for Europe, wear light colors for hotter weathers in Asia. You can always buy something you are missing when you get there. 

Tip: If you are staying at hostels and will be on the road often try to bring clothes (specially underwear) that dry fast.


2 Jeans (1 black for fancy places if any, one blue)

2 Leggings (black)

2 T-shirts (one white – one gray)

1 White button down shirt

2 Undershirts (Gray and pink)

1 Long sleeve shirt (Black)

1 Sweater

1 Dress (Black)

1 Thin cotton pants

1 Convertible Sarong/ skirt/dress

1 Pair of short

1 Pijama shorts

1 Pijama shirt

Bunch of underwear

4 Pairs of socks

1 Sports bra

1 Bikini


1 Teva sandals

1 Puma Sneakers

1 Dressy flats


1 Puma jacket

1 Scarf




Toothpaste – Travel Size

Hair Brush – Small

Dr. Bronners magic Soap

Lotion – Travel size

Shampoo and conditioner bars

DEET Repelent – Travel size – SO IMPORTANT

Hair leave-in conditioner – Travel Size

Sunscreen – Travel Size – SO IMPORTANT

Face moisturizer with sunscreen- Travel Size

Makeup pouch



Bring plastic bags for dirty clothes!

Bottle of water with filter included

Nail clippers


Nail file

Umbrella – Travel size

Dry fast towels – 2 Medium size

Medicine: Go to your local travel clinic and check all the immunization you need for your trip, depending on where are you going. For Europe there is no necessary immunization but is always a good idea to be safe!

I got: Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Tetanus, Mumps, Polio and Influenza. But if you want to take some extras… They also recommended: Hepatitis B, Rabies, and Japanese encephalitis. The staff at the Travel Clinic will advice what is best for you.

I am also bringing Malaria Pills (There are several kinds of Malaria Pills, some of them have more side effects and are not recommended. Do your research about this but is a very important thing to bring. We do not play around with our health right?). 

Also, invest in travel insurance. Seriously, it is important. If you don’t feel well you won’t enjoy your trip. It is affordable and very important to have. Get insurance.


Pepto Bismol




Antibiotic cream


Malaria Pills


Safety items:


Door Stop (to use behind the doors if you are staying at a hostel room alone and feel uneasy. ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT!)

Whistle (If you need help and see yourself in a bad situation you can whistle to call for attention instead of screaming, which may go unnoticed)

Locks (If you are staying at hostels, or even to lock your bags while traveling these are a must)


All that is packed and ready to go! image1



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