To Leave

When I leave places I leave a part of myself there. But I don’t feel depleted. When I leave I also take a part of those places with me. They become part of me, and I am part of them forever in time.

I left a part of me in Buenos Aires, sometimes I feel I still live there. Buenos Aires lives in me.

I will leave a part of me in New Orleans, oh a huge part of me. My heart will stay here, and I will bring New Orleans with me wherever I go. That is how it works with me, I don’t feel depleted by leaving… I feel I’m completing myself with all those pieces I collect from those places.

Those pieces are people, their love and the love I have for them.

I am leaving with no return date. But every day that goes by and my departure day comes closer and closer, my need of knowing when would I be back grows stronger. I thought I didn’t get attached, that is not true.

I was not attached to Buenos Aires because that was not my place to be. I chose New Orleans, and I chose the people that became my family. This is my home, the home I chose for myself.

I will be back, or maybe I should say: I will be back but it won’t be me anymore, it will be a better me, a grown up me, a wiser me.

I know what is coming for me is knowledge. Seeing life from another perspective will change me.

Im going out there with an open mind, an open schedule, and a big heart. Im ready to be filled with experiences and smiles. I want to learn everything I can, I want to see the eyes of those who live a very different life than mine and understand the way they understand.

I will grow, I will keep collecting parts and I will be more complete.

I will leave behind my fears, my pain, my heartbreak, all that just do not fit on my backpack… But I do have plenty of space for adventures.

Here I come.

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