First Stop: New York

Welcome to the center of the world. I can now say I understand what that means… This tiny-giant Island concentrate so much under so much pressure that burst with the worst in us.

This is the first time I see New York. 

The first thing I noticed about this city is that people lives 2X faster than what I’m used to. There is no time to waste or wait. Not even for the light to change while trying to cross the street.

Everything has to be NOW. And New Yorkers usually get what they want, if they don’t die trying.

There is a huge amount of information begin thrown at you all the time. Everything is bigger and greater than anywhere else… I mean this is New York!


I took the AirTrain form JFK Airport to Jamaica station. I had to do a little change of trains because I took the wrong one (the one that goes to Howard Beach). I did well enough considering this is my first time in the big apple… Big indeed.


Arrived to Jamaica, and headed for the train station… Feeling like I’m from the country side because I haven’t been in a train in years. I bought the metro card to pay for my trip from the Airport to Jamaica and added a subway trip ($8.50 total including the obsolete $1 fee for the card)… But I decided to take the train.

So after 3 minutes in the train the guard asked me for my ticket and I innocently showed him the metro card with a valid subway pass. I am aware the train is not a subway… but I thought it was valid for any method of transportation like in New Orleans!!! Anyways the nice man charged me a reduced fare of $8 compared with the $13 he should have charged me for my trespassing and I kept on my way to Manhattan. Nice to see some humanity in the concrete jungle.

I stepped out of Penn Station with a stunned look on my face. This place is overwhelming… New York is a giant that can crush you in a matter of seconds or it can take you high to the top of the world. That was the first feeling I got within 10 seconds of walking down 7th avenue.

New York is everything we dream it is and more. Furious and hectic.

And then is Central Park, that little piece of peace in the middle of the madness.


I walked from Times square, to Central Park (got lost for 40 minutes trying to find a way out) headed down 5th Avenue, entered St. Patrick’s Cathedral, passed by Rockefeller Center and the Radio City Music Hall then back to Times Square where my hotel is and finally laid on my temporary bed. New York is also exhausting.

Nothing seems to be impossible in New York, maybe that is why so many people are draw by it.

My mind keeps traveling back and to the thought that my home is not my home anymore. That I don’t even know where my home will be, that I don’t know where I will be in months from now… New York makes me feel so small and empty.

So here, at the place where one of the greatest souls of history has been taken from us… I can’t help but to Imagine my future.


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