London: I’m In Love

I left the U.S feeling exhausted. New York is hectic and I was done with it. I loved the experience of being there, I loved the craziness of the streets… but I couldn’t wait to get out of that place. Like every other relationship I’ve experienced in my life, NYC and I had an ambiguous one.

After 6 hours of flying, as I listened to The Beatles on the radio… I saw the first London lights. I realized: I was in Europe.

As everybody else I always dreamed to come to this wonderful continent, it is just so magic and mysterious…The old world, the history, the legacy, the charm.

London welcomed me with a huge orange sun, and I fell for it at that instant. London and I were waking up together.


I got off the plane, passed through customs in 3 minutes and headed for the Heathrow Express. London showed me class as soon as I got to its modern beautiful airport.


I easily found the subway to King Cross Station (from where Hogwarts express departs), got my Oyster Card from the vending machine and made it to my hostel in less than 40 minutes.

When I stepped out of King Cross a sea of red busses and London taxis rapidly caught my eye, but I stopped for a second and looked up… Wow I’m in London.


Apart from being extremely exhausted I was eager to keep falling in love with London. I left my stuff at the hostel and started walking towards the Big Ben.


I am blessed with a great sense of direction. I know where I am and where I am going almost by instinct, and I made it there easily. I have to say that the Big Ben was showing me the way from a few miles away…



It is so precious to see with your own eyes places we know through TV or pictures. I saw every sight I saw today  a million times before, but still everything amazed me. The life of the city, its dynamic and heart can only be felt by beating with it.

I crossed the Atlantic Ocean. I am in Europe.


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