First views of Paris

What can we say about Paris that we don’t know yet?  It is messy, special, magic, romantic, classy. It’s Paris!

My first impression was: This city really looks like Buenos Aires. I felt kind of proud, the Paris of South America deserves its nickname. 

Welcome to France!

I had a great experience taking the Eurostar train from London St. Pancras. The trip was amazing, and the tunnel part simple and quick, didn’t even noticed. You are looking out the window and suddenly you enter a subway tunnel, after 20 minutes or so of darkness you come out the other side… and you are in France!


The train arrives to Gare du Nord and subway station is right outside.  I found my way to my Airbnb very easily and was immerse in Parisian life right away. The building I’m staying at is all you expect when staying in Paris. Tiny elevator, old wooden stairs, gorgeous windows…


I was received by the cleaning lady since my host is not at home. The lady is French, and does not speak english AT ALL. Either way I understood everything she told me and explained me. Some sings and words do not need translation. That is when I realized: I am in France, I have no idea what these people are saying but I will make the best of it.

Left my stuff and headed to the streets. My already exhausted legs asked me to give up but my excitement and curiosity pushed me to see Paris.


Notre Dame appeared before my eyes after a mile or so of walking… There she was. So many times I looked at pictures, videos, dreaming of coming here since I was 11 years old. And here I was. Me. In Paris. In Notre Dame.


This trip is speeding up and I can’t believe I have been gone for almost a week. I want to take all in, my eyes cannot see more than what they are seeing, I want to remember every single moment of this trip.


This trip that means so much to me. Not just because I always wanted to visit Europe like a billion other people… but because in order to get to this moment, to start my trip, I had to get rid of a lot of baggage.


Funny enough, now I carry two heavy backpacks. It is not easy to move with them, and its not easy to move on in life if you keep carrying the weight of bad relationships, heartbreaks, pain and suffering. I had to leave those in NOLA and don’t look back. To be here not only means I’m visiting some of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it means I have worked my way out of the box I was living in. I had to let go of what I’ve been holding on for so long.

I did it, and that means the world to me.


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