Love from Paris

I heard that many people feel disappointed when they get to Paris. Theres a common symptom of depression because you expect so much of this city, there are so many expectations… And when you arrive and see reality it destroys your illusions.

Paris had the opposite effect on me. Paris gave me back my illusions, it gave me hope and made me believe in love again.

Paris is so charming, its almost hypnotic. Who has never been in Paris has never experienced French Love in all its splendor. I didn’t find a French lover, but I was fervently loved by Paris for two magic days.


I’m wiritng this on my train to Zurich, while I see little towns in the middle of French valleys. These towns are so gorgeous: little houses, a church, some cows, and a lot of green. I even saw deer.

Paris is not as perfectly beautiful as London. Paris has natural beauty. It is imperfect and messy. Chaotic and romantic at the same time. People rush everywhere but they also find a place to share a French kiss with their lover, or to drink an espresso in a typical Parisian corner café.


One of the most memorable things of Paris the smell, either to perfume or fresh baked bread… Smell is one of the most important things here.


During my second day in Paris I visited Le Tour Eiffel. I felt brave enough to go all the way to the ‘sommet’ (top) and it was the best decision I could have taken. To access the top cost 17 Euros. Those were some of the best spent Euros so far. You have to take two elevators, one to the first stop, about 50 meters up, where you already have great views of the French capital. For the brave of heart you can transfer to the second elevator that will take you all the way up. It was so cold at the first level that I was fearing the cold on the top more than the height.


The elevator ride is pretty smooth and fast. But Oh. The. View. THAT is priceless.


When you are up there, at the top of the Eiffel Tower, you feel closer to God.

I visited Paris by foot, walked from point to point and got surprised by spontaneous showers here and there, it just makes it even more beautiful. But beautiful is not the word for Paris, the word is charming.


To get lost through one of those mysterious alleys is just part of the experience. Like in life, when you take a wrong turn you never know where it is going to take you, it may surprised you and turn out to be amazing.


I found the Creperie I was looking for, Little Breizh. It was some of the best food I have ever had in my life. Spinach, Ham and Egg crepe, homemade dark Chocolate crepe and a glass of Cider on the side 😉


Every second of the day was magic. I may have the Paris Syndrome, but I felt like in a movie.


I walked into Dior looking for a perfume, but I also found one of the best customer service experience I ever had. The nice lady offered me to have my makeup done. I said yes of course. When you shop in Dior, no matter how much you spend, you feel like a celebrity. That is how they treat you.


Walked out of Dior and headed for a famous Bakery called Eric Kayser. Got myself a baguette and a croissant and started walking towards home. The rain caught me again, oh what a beautiful movie moment. With fresh makeup and a fresh baguette in hand I entered the metro station to protect my goods from the rain (not my camera, but my bread).

After walking for a while I finally found Le Pure Cafe. I had a warm delicious espresso to warm myself after the cold Parisian rain.


When I woke up this morning my heart felt heavy. I didn’t want to leave the city of lights. I wanted to keep living this dream. The smells of fresh baguettes, the ambience and the magic haze of Paris, the bon jour mademoiselle, the messy streets…


I made it to Gare D’ Lyon and when I thought the dream was ending I got a little extension of it.

I got myself a cappuccino and a croissant (cant have enough of those) while waiting for my train to Zurich to depart. At the entrance of the cafe there was this old man begging for money. I have seen many of these people wandering around the city, but since I come from Buenos Aires and unfortunately I’m used to homeless beggars I ignored them all along. But there is always one, one that gets to you somehow. I found mine on my way out of Paris.


At first I ignored him and put my sorry face telling him I had no money, I lied. I got my coffee and couldn’t stop thinking about him so on my way out I came to him while a man was giving him some coins and I offered the change I had left.

With a “grazie bella” this old man kissed my hand. And that was the most moving gesture I could get. For 60 cents of Euros I got all this man gratitude and Love.

Paris keeps loving me. And Im loving it back.

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