Zürich’s noise

I arrived to Zürich from Paris before noon. The train ride was amazing, I saw part of the fantastic French countryside, some of Switzerland… I even saw gazelles running in the woods. It was magical. It was very cold and rainy in Zürich when I arrived. I had to walk at least 10 blocks to find my hostel. Not a good choice. I was looking for a cheap option and this was the only affordable one… In a city where you pay 6.5 CHF for a Cappuccino… I was determined to pay as less as possible for a bed.



I headed for the old town, since this was my only day is Zürich I wanted to see everything I could but the rain wouldn’t stop. It was freezing but I was brave and adventured myself into the gothic old town.


Zürich is modern and antique at the same time, that special characteristic of many European cities… However this city is like no other. Zürich made me sad, I don’t know if it was the weather, the cold culture or myself. But I wasn’t happy at heart like when I arrived to London or Paris.


After a while and a typical steak sandwich I entered the oldest part of the old town. The map they gave me at the hostel was of a very poor quality and I couldn’t read the street names on it, thankfully my phone’s map was showing me the way.


When I was in the middle of this labyrinthine town… my phone went off (when I still had 20% battery life left). I was alone and absolutely lost in the middle of a maze. Oh and the rain was starting again. Those little fun moments when traveling…


I walked down a little street and found a beautiful little coffee shop. To get lost was the best thing that happened to me that day. To find this amazing gem in the middle of the old town of Zürich made my day in this city memorable.

The old lady that run the place serves every table with care and love. She gave me a cappuccino with a heart on the foam. A little of love when you are lost is always good and comforting.

She showed me where I was on my crappy map and I started walking again. After some blocks I got to a corner from where I remembered I came from  (thanks to my great sense of orientation). I then found my way out of the old town… and to the hostel. I was so upset at my phone and to the fact that we depend on this things, but grateful that I found that special coffee shop. That is the real travel experience, those moments.


The hostel itself wasn’t good or bad, the problem was the location. I didn’t notice at first but when the time went by and the night came I realized I was on the party street.

Right across the street was a cabaret and a night club. I walked around a little and saw many more cabarets and many more bars… not the nice ones. Oh Ok, once again: bad hostel choice.

In Paris I found the smell of the city captivating, in Zürich I found noise.

Clock noises, tic-toc everywhere I went. The noise of the street where I stayed at. The noise of the music (of all kinds) on the streets at all times. The noise my roommates made until 2 am. The tic-tic, the music, the screams, the talk, tic-t0c, screams, music, cars, tic-toc…



I barely slept that night… next morning I took a train to Chur and then the Bernina Express to Tirano, Italy ❤

That train ride was one of the best experiences of my life, if the price of that was one sleepless night, I would take it any day!





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