Following the Fleur de Lis to Firenze

Firenze is a captivating place, a city where some of the biggest artists and genius of the past had lived and loved. And here I am, thousands of years later, feeling the magic of Firenze and letting its halo take me in. 

My heart is aching badly. I didn’t want to leave the Bella Città. This Tuscan Gem that won my heart in only a few days. Its tourists-packed streets, its quiet hidden alleys, its food, its gold, its Medici history of power and luxury so alive.

I never want to leave Firenze. And I am sure I will come back before this trip ends. And who knows, this trip may become a life. So me and Firenze can keep having a love story. 


Firenze parks smell like sweet flowers. That smell accompanied me throughout the maze of alleys and the unbelievable steep streets to reach the Piazzale Michelangelo and the most beautiful church in the world: San Miniato al Monte. 




San Miniato al Monte

I walked so much these days, I crossed the whole city by foot and… I could have keep going. I can’t have enough of Firenze. 


The Fleur de Lis made of Florentine gold that now hangs from my neck is the symbol that has repeatedly appeared in my life over and over. 

When I was 11 my dad gave me a necklace and earrings with the Fleur de Lis shape. Years later, when I moved to New Orleans at the age of 22 I encountered the Fleur de Lis is the symbol of the Crescent City. A city that changed my life forever. 

Now in Firenze this mysterious shape appears in front of me again, everywhere I go. In monuments as old as the city itself, in modern busses or in the city ancient drains. Everywhere all over this city I find it. 

It’s like the Fleur di Lis is showing me the way, is unfolding a path I have to follow. And I will follow it with all my heart.


I took a train from Firenze to Siena this morning.

Today while I was having a wonderful plate of tagliatelle al ragù I got the sensation I was waking up to life. I haven’t realized I have lost myself on the tears, the heartbreaks and the miserable jobs of the past 5 years. I have lost myself and now I have to face it and rediscover all that I am, the good and not so good . The real me. 


Italia is healing me. Its olive oil, it smells, the language, the sun and the sweet strawberries I buy every day. All this is nourishing me from the inside out so I can shine my brightest light again. 


Tomorrow I will ride the first bike since my accident two years ago. I can’t put into words what it would mean to do that. It is an action that screams: I CAN TAKE IT. I CAN TAKE WHATEVER LIFE THROW AT ME. AND I WILL OVERCOME AND BECOME STRONGER EVERY TIME.

With my God everything, without him nothing.

Sometimes we just need to go home and recover from the bad times. That home could be your family, your friends,or a familiar place. For me is the country of my roots. 

Now more than ever: “You may have  the universe, if I may have Italy” – Giuseppe Verdi 



6 thoughts on “Following the Fleur de Lis to Firenze

    • ViNesci says:

      THANK YOU! The bike ride was awesome 🙂 I don’t know how long this trip will be. As the days go by I realize I have nothing to come back to in America. We will see :*


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