All roads lead to Rome

I couldn’t wait to leave Siena. Not because the medieval city isn’t wonderful, it is one of the most beautiful cities I was blessed to see… But the goal was Rome.

During my entire life the goal was always the Magnificent Rome.

Many obstacles have delayed our encounter. But I came over them. And Rome was always waiting. Calm and chaotic.

I dreamed with this trip a million times… I planned this trip three times, I bought my flight tickets three times. And because of those many obstacles, I repeatedly had to cancel it.

So when the train from Siena was delayed, I knew it was just another trick of life. The longer I waited, the bigger the expectations.


The place where all my dreams come from

Over 3 hours later, the train from Trenitalia arrived to Roma Termini at exactly 3.20PM.

Once again, I felt deep in my heart I was, finally, coming home.


Piazza Navona

The bus left the train station and as soon as we entered central Rome all the ancient pieces of the most powerful empire of history, introduced me to this trip to the past.


View from Palatino Hill

Ruins are the backbone of Rome. This cosmopolitan city has grown around its ancient Empire. Still the memories of its greatness are everywhere.

Rome just became bigger. The past still here despite today’s modernity. The history of this city still alive reminding you of what this used to be: The Center of the World.


Palatino Hill

As I try to let it settle down in my mind I kept assuring myself: I am in Rome. I am here.

I look around at ruins surrounding me and I think: The Romans walked these streets. The Romans rode their horses through these parks. They built this city.


I am walking the paths they walked, with the hope that I will also become greater.


Inside Colosseum

There is a long way to walk to find myself again. But I can’t think of a better place to start.


Fleur de Lis keeps guiding me

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