At the Heart of Catholicism – The Vatican

As the good Italian-Latin American that I am, I was raised to be a fervent follower of the Catholic religion.

I am, however, a believer in past lives, reincarnation, evolution and I have an amazingly huge curiosity and respect for all religions in the world, past and present.

To be at the Vatican is for me an experience that cannot be compared to anything else. This this is the heart of my religion. Here, at this place all the love and passion for Christ is concentrated and shared by million of followers around the world.

Here, in Rome, where the murderers of our Savior came from, ironic enough is the center of the religion that follows Him.

For this, and many other reasons, a visit to the Vatican is anything but unimportant.


I said I am respectful and curious about all religions because in the world we live now extremists are guilty of killing many innocents around the world. However, I have seen citizens from many countries visiting the Vatican. That reminds me that we are one.

For me the Vatican represents the love of Christ. Even though I am well aware about the horrors committed “in the name of God” by this huge organization years ago. But all this cannot stain the love that emanates from the house of my Lord.


On Wednesdays theres a open mass at Piazza San Pietro, also called the general audience. Its free entrance, but you must get a free ticket from the Swiss guards starting on the Monday before the audience.


This event is extremely unorganized, like pretty much everything else in Italy. That is the charm of Italians, specially Romans. Live and love the chaos.


The Audience begins at 10 am, I arrived at 8 AM and there were thousands of people there already. After one hour waiting on line to pass airport-like security, I finally entered the overcrowded Piazza San Pietro.


All of us, all together, from all over the world, from all different races and beliefs. We all come together to share love and admiration for this spiritual event. And for him.


I am proud of the Argentinian Pope that we now are blessed to have. Not only because he is from Argentina, he actually belongs to the world now, but because his spiritualism goes beyond a religion or certain beliefs. This enlightened man has surpassed all lines and differences between humans. He is determined to unify the world, and that, I believe is the meaning of religion. Unity and Love.


The mass is mainly in Italian but translated in several languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hebrew, French and others. One by one cardinals representing all those languages and cultures come forward and read the sermon. Again, a gesture to unify us all.


What is the difference after all? A language? or a passport that says you were born in a different part of the world? We are all one, no matter what.

At the end of the mass everybody says the Our Father prayer in Latin and after it the Pope blesses the crowd and extends this blessing to all our families.

I pray for this blessing to reach all of you our there who need God right now. May you be blessed and full of hope.


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