Last day in Rome

Or just the beginning. It is difficult to leave Rome. It is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do.



The search for myself has taken me to the center of the ancient world. To Rome. And here I have found the meaning of my life again.


Terme di Caracalla

The flavors, the colors, the vibrant life this city has, the passion of the Romans. All that brought me back to life.


I run away from my sadness and heartbreak in New Orleans. I couldn’t take that any more. It was too much for me to deal with.


When I arrived to New Orleans in 2010 I had absolutely nothing. I worked as a server all around the French Quarter. I starved for weeks at the time. I couldn’t even call my family because I my laptop was stolen. My camera lost. I didn’t have a phone or money. Absolutely nothing. I just had hope and I did survive. Years later I got hit by a car. Mu life was left in ruins again and I went to pieces once more. I was alone and unable to move for months. But I survived.


New Orleans gave me everything, and took everything from me at the same time. I forgot who I was. I forgot the love for myself. I just got through days, weeks and months like they were all the same. Looking for that happiness outside. Thing I never found. But I love New Orleans, that is home. Still I needed to get away. I needed this distance to find myself again.


When you are alone, and you are far away from what is comfortable and familiar, the only option you have is to deal with yourself and your thoughts. Affront your feelings. Affront yourself as you are. I do not have the option to hide behind work, the gym, or a routine that was killing me. Here and now, that is all I have.


And I did find myself again. I see myself as all that I am again. While walking uphill in Firenze, not hearing anything else but my own breathing. While praying with my heart in the hundreds churches I’ve visited these month, or while laying in parks across Rome. I heard the voice of my God guiding me back home.


Seeing these ruins I learned that nothing last, life keep moving. Life Keeps growing like Rome did. The greatest empire of all went to pieces and rebuilt itself from the ground. This amazing city keeps its ruins as a reminder of the greatness of the past, as a reminder that all castles crumble down with time. But it became stronger and greater.

Rome and I became one. Rome brought me back up. I raised again to life like this marvelous city did. When there are good foundations, everything is possible.

Following the Romans paths, in the land they lived and ruled the world from, I found me.

Vini, Vedi, Vinci.



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