The real fairytale: Salzburg, Austria

Once upon a time, in a certain peculiar hotel down in the bayou, I met the most special person in the world. This person became a pillar in my life, who many times gave me the strength I didn’t have, and who knew me more than I knew myself. This person is magical, and so is the place she came from.

To arrive to the area of her birthplace, is to get to know my friend again. And this friend is not one you can find anywhere, only at a special place like this.

Yesterday I took a train from Venice to Salzburg. The train had one stop in Villach, Austria, and arrived to a fairytale world at almost 10PM.


It was dark when I walked out of the modern train station in Salzburg, but I could feel it in the air. The magical environment was floating in the air.


I stayed at Hotel Adlerhof, two blocks from the station. Is it me or people in Austria are extremely nice? After spending almost a month in Italy, I got used to the Italian service. Here in Austria everybody seems so polite and courteous. Makes the fairytale more real.


My best friend is from the region of Bavaria, Germany, and she lived in Salzburg years while studying. For that reason I’ve heard how beautiful this place was before. But you can never transmit with words what it feels to get to a place so special like this one.


Salzburg has to be one of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life. I’ve been traveling for the last month across Europe, and visited the major states in USA, and I come from one of the most beautiful countries in the world 😉 Argentina. But Salzburg is what I’ve imagined when I read fairytales. Its almost unreal.


This morning I woke up and after a quick (an amazing) breakfast I head out to follow the itinerary my friend made for me.

I started at the Mirabell Garten, it is a park full of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen with all the colors you can imagine.




After the gardens I visited Moenchsberg-Aufzug, which holds The Museum der Moderne, and a cafe with a gorgeous terrace with breathtaking vies of Salzburg. I paid $2.60 to ascend with the elevator, and went back down walking trough one of the few trails surrounded by forest. The air is simply refreshing and energizing. I realized how much I missed nature and outdoors, which make life so much better.


After that I walked down the shopping street, Griesgasse, where the Mozart’s birthplace is. There is an entrance fee to the museum but the courtyard by it is free and has a cafe and some stores, it worth taking a look to see the side of the house.



Before arriving to the Mozart’s birthplace, on the right (if coming from Museum der Moderne) there is a hallway entrance between some clothing stores. It is a tricky location, but you must find the “Balkan Grill” for some local, original and incredible delicious Bosnas (sausage in crunchy bread with tasty toppings). They offer only five options, I got number 2, which was recommended from my dear friend.




If you keep walking down this beautiful, and medieval street you will arrive to the Cathedral and the square surrounding it, both are amazing.


The Salzburg’s Cathedral is, as the rest of this city, magical.

Once exiting the Cathedral, to the left side, there is another square which has a big sculpture of a golden world with a man on top of it. From there you access to the Fortress. You can either take the small train (that follows a very steep rail up to the Fortress and Castle) or you can do a short hike to the entrance of the castle. The basic ticket cost 9.50 Euros. I heard is worth doing the visit but I skipped it (I wanted to go back to the Bosnas place!).


I was blessed to be here in a perfect spring day, after the morning walk I changed hotels (now I am at YOHO Hostel and I’m impressed with the quality of accommodation they offer! Super recommended).

I headed back to the park because I couldn’t get enough of this amazing Salzburg day. I laid on the flowers-covered grass under the sun and the world seemed to be so happy. There are certain moments when you and the universe become one, when we are really present. That was that moment for me.


When you are traveling around a lot, and moving every few days, you have those stolen moments to really, REALLY enjoy what is going on. In the middle of thinking where to go next, what you still have to pay for, what you already paid, how are you getting to this place or the other, what you will wear tomorrow if you have to wash clothes and they won’t be dry by then, etc. – You have those enlightened moments, and everything makes perfect sense.


In the afternoon I went to Tomaselli cafe, a very historical place where people like Mozart used to hang out often. It is a trip back to those days. Ladies dressed as French Maids walk around with huge trays with the most beautiful and delicious tortes (cakes) I  had the pleasure to meet in life. They walk around and come to your table to offer you some. You paid at the moment for the cake, it costs me 3.93 Euros and it was a piece of heaven.


I am so thankful I can see these places, to live this life and for my dearest friend, who always believed in me, even when I didn’t.


There are some magical places in the world, and then there is Salzburg.

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