Bavaria: Nürnberg and München

In the land where the history of the modern world changed forever. I found a wonderful culture, wonderful people, loving and incredible polite.

I always felt fascination for this culture, for its history and for the many things happened here. I came to Germany with a lot of expectations, I believe is one of the places I wanted to see the most. It did not disappointed one bit. The grass  here seems to be greener.


Nürnberg its like a postcard, all you imagine a Bavarian town would be. It gives you that small town feeling, and has a huge market in the main square. Lots of cafés and great outdoor life. Life is good in Nürnberg.




But Munich. Oh Munich…


There are some beautiful, incredible good looking cities but some of them don’t have “that something”. But every person gets a different vibe from every city. They are amazingly pretty but your energy may not be in sync with that place. Me and Munich were completely synced. I loved it.



Like Vienna, it is one of the most architectonically beautiful cities I have ever had the pleasure to see. But Vienna just do not give me ‘that’ special feeling. Its like when you meet new people, you never know if you are going to like them a lot from the start or just not so much. Even though there is nothing wrong with them. Its just your energies do not match. I heard many people talking badly about the love of my life (Rome) but it gave me life back, for me this is the most special place of all. I heard amazing things about Siena or Vienna and none of them, even though gorgeous to the unbelievable extreme, gave me THAT feeling.


Well Nuremberg is “prettier” than Munich if that is the right way of saying it. But Munich in my eyes is more beautiful than any other city I’ve seen during this past week (and I saw quite a few). Munich gave me that vibe, we have that connection.


In every special place I feel this way, I’m finding myself again. Coming back to life. I feel I was born to explore the world and go find the pieces that complete me. I was born in a wonderful place ( ❤ ) where I never fit in.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me. The thing is, I wasn’t complete… And I needed to go find me.

In Munich I found another piece of this puzzle that I call myself.


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