Genuine Bratislava

For some reason I always wanted to visit this wonderful and enigmatic city. I am naturally attracted to what is exotic and different. And for a South American person… Slovakia is exotic. 

Slovakia is located in Central Europe. It was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918. Later, it formed with Czech Republic the Sovereign State, known as Czechoslovakia. In January 1st 1993, Czech Republic and Slovakia parted ways and became separate independent nations.


The Slovak language is relatively close to the Czech, and it can be also understood somehow by people who know Pollack. I, however, do not speak any of those languages. But I had the time of my life trying to communicate with the locals.


Bratislava is a mysterious city, that reminded me sometimes of my Buenos Aires. Still holds its small neighborhoods feeling, the simplicity and the potential of a developing country. 


Although this city has a lot of beautiful spots and the streets of the old town are plagued by gorgeous cafés, this is not as a touristy city as others nearby like Vienna or Budapest. Here everything feels real, no “touristic face” to show. Just real Bratislava. Which I found great. I wanted to be confused by language. I wanted Bratislava to be what it is, genuine. And it did not disappointed me.



The city of the Cafés is simply gorgeous in a very genuine way. In the historic centers cars aren’t allowed. The many cafes fill the streets with colorful tables and inviting chairs. It is a trip to older times.

One of the most typical Slovak restaurants in town, with a very cool environment and great prices, Prašná Bašta (Zámočnícka 399/11, 811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia).



Bratislava is one of the most real places I have ever seen before. Medieval and mysterious, original and surprising. 

5 thoughts on “Genuine Bratislava

  1. Jesper, The Biveros Effect says:

    Nice to see that you have enjoyed Bratislava 🙂

    We lived in the city for a year and a haf before moving back to Sweden and it really is one of my favorites. There are just so many posibilities for exploring Slovakia and the rest of Central Europe from there. And not to mention everything there is to see in Bratislava.

    Did you have time to see more than the old town? The Slavin War Memorial and Devin Castle sure is worth a visit. So is the WWII bunker just south of the center at the Austrian border, Bunker BS-8. 🙂


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