The word for Rome? Passion

What I feel for Rome is not love or amazement. What I feel for The Eternal City is Passion.

That kind of passion that is only Roman. That attitude in all aspects of life that can only be understood if you become one with this city. If you let its essence take you in.

My heart stays here, but it is not an exchange like with other places, this time I will leave empty. That emptiness won’t stop until the day I return to my beloved Rome.


Rome and I had lived this love story for many years. It started when I was just a kid and learned that my family was from this wonderful country. I always felt Italian. When your origins are so tight together to who you are, it is more than a nationality or a passport, it is part of you and your essence.


We waited so long to be reunited, Rome and I, and when we finally came together everything made sense.


I want to be in Rome for the rest of my days. I can let go of everything else if I can have Rome. I don’t need to explore, I don’t need to see more. It is a real love story. When you are so smitten you forget about your friends, family and dreams (for a little while).


That is the feeling you get when you finally find your place in the world.

Passion is all around in Rome. In the way men chase women on the streets, in the crazy drivers, in the screams and curse words they throw at each other. In the love for food and wine, or that wholehearted laugh. In the loud voice in which Romans talk and the cafés they drink standing up at the bar.


Romans follow their heart. No matter what. Romans are reign by passion.

I knew there was going to be a before and after in my life after this trip, but never fully believe it.


It is hard to imagine yourself being or thinking as someone else, isn’t it? But it was absolutely true. I am not the same person that arrived. I am following my passion and I am not scared of doing that.

Neither Rome or I will be the same after this 


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