How traveling alone changed my beliefs

Like everything else in life, it all started with a decision. We want something.

My “something” started many years ago, I cant even say when exactly. But I was very young. I wanted to travel. To see every country, city and landscape of this wonderful world. I had a big map in my bedroom wall, I would spend hours imagining my itinerary.

Travel is my passion. And I love to travel alone. Here is why: 

I always felt fascinated by ancient cultures, distant places, travel and discovery. I saw the world as a huge pot of knowledge and things to see. My biggest fear always is to die before seeing the entire world. A feeling many people share, I learned years after.


Like every other big desire, it burns inside of you. You wake up every day with that burning feeling of wanting it NOW. I never had much patience in my life with anything. But for my dreams I have none.

I wanted to travel and see, learn, know, explore, get lost, find myself. Find others, find the exotic, strange or different, and find the similarities among all of us.

When you are born with this mission, this mission to discover the world, You are in a search your whole life. There is no such thing like “when I finish traveling” or “After that trip I will settle down”. It is your destiny, it is your motto.

You live for travel. You travel to feel alive.


It is true that there is no way back. Once you start, the most heartbreaking thing is to think in going back to the “9-5” kind of life. It is almost unthinkable. So you find choices, options, resources. There are millions, you need to look for the ones just right for you. You will find the way to live the life you want.


Many of us are scared of adventure ourself out there in the world with nobody we know around. Some people find it boring, others frightening. The truth is, you have to do what is right for you.

If you find it boring, you can (and I assure you will) make friends on the road. We are more open to meet new people when we are alone. I

If you are scared, then do a lot of research, seek support from others that have done it before. Read other travelers’ experiences, if you are a girl follow female traveler’s blogs 😉

You will discover that the world is not such a bad place like we think. People in the other side of the world are scared of our culture too.

At the end, do what makes you happy, but there are so many great opportunities waiting right outside your comfy zone.

Things I learned from traveling (alone) 

  • You take all the decisions, you are in charge

When we are traveling in a unknown place alone we are more open to experiences and possibilities. You pick when or what to eat. Where to go and how long to stay at certain place. It may sound selfish, but its so much fun to be the boss of your life!

  • The world is full of opportunities

Life is a maze of possibilities, every road you take leads you to a new one that will eventually take you to much more possibilities. Those are infinite. There is no end or ceiling in this world for the possibilities You have.

  • The world is a much better place than what they made you believe

I met so many more people in just two months of traveling than what I’ve met in the last six years in the United States. And all of them are good people, or where good to me. I have met some people trying to take advantage, specially sellers, but that was the most they tried.

  • When traveling alone we are much more aware

Of the place, the surroundings, the people, our ways, our maps. I enjoy traveling alone so much, as much as making new friends and sharing fun times. You must not be scare of being alone in a new place, fantastic things can and will happen.

  • We are all one

I also learned that we are different and similar in so many ways. That no country in this world is perfect, that all of them have issues. Even if we think our is the worst or the best. It is neither. I learned that we always will find better societies, better people, better lives, than what we thought we had. That we all have the same problems, the same fears, issues, preconceptions of each other. We love in the same way, we dislike the same way. We are curious the same way.  If we get pass the differences in the surface, we will find we are all one.

  • We are not always right

We judge and make preconceptions of people and cultures that are not right all the time. We think we know better, when we really have no idea. What do we know about what they have to go through every day in another part of the world?

  • I learned that I don’t need that security in my life.

In fact I learned that a secured stability with a safe retirement plan, a 401k plan and a perfectly planned future would be the dead of my soul. That what scares me the most in life is to know exactly what it will happen the next 50 years of my life.

  • I learned that I don’t like crowds and that I enjoy not knowing the language of the place I am.

I enjoy to see the touristic and famous places, but after 10 minutes I need to get away and go off the beaten path. I love to find the way to communicate with others when I don’t speak the language. From that I learned we don’t need language to understand each other. Some things don’t need translation.

  • You fall in love with places

I learned that I can love a place as if I have lived there my entire life, and that I will always miss some places. No matter how many times I go back.

  • I learned that you make family on the road

And they also move along at some point. We also learn not to be overly attached to people.

  • I learned not to be attached to stuff

When I left for this (one way) trip I sold all my belongings. All those things that costed me so much to get, and I am not talking about the money to buy them. My stuff weren’t expensive, but they represented all the sacrifice and hard work I’ve been through for the last 6 years in The US. Where you can buy absolutely everything you can imagine and still feel empty.

  • I learned that is much better to travel light

You don’t need all that closet, you don’t need all those shoes and hair products and the million things you think you will die without. There is no need at all for that. The only things I value in my suitcase are my books (and for international travel laws: my passport). The rest can burn now and I won’t be less happy.

  • I learned that I can create the possibilities, I can create the life I want 

I am happy traveling with tea bags and crackers in my backpack. I love to sleep on a different bed every other day and I love to stay longer in cities that hold my heart. I love to become part of some places, as they become part of me. And nor them or I are the same after we part ways. 

And I am absolutely not the only one, but you must want it bad enough. You must be driven by your passion. There is no right or wrong in life. Life just IS. If something doesn’t make you happy you must not follow that path, for it wasn’t meant for you.


To live your passion worth all the money in the world.


4 thoughts on “How traveling alone changed my beliefs

  1. Lyn says:

    I love your words and agree with your passion. I am much happier travelling alone although I found this out much later in life than you. I also love to catch up with friends along the way for a day or 2 here and there.

    Liked by 1 person

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