The live postcard: Prague

Arrived to Praga absolutely in love with Budapest. I thought nothing could top that beauty. It kept happening to me over and over along this trip. I always believe that the beauty I see at some places cannot be topped. But I’m always wrong.

Every city is beautiful in its own way. I cannot say one is more beautiful than the other. They are just different.

Praga is the capital of Czech Republic, it is located in Central Europe. Crossed by the Vltava river has been attracting people for years. It is one of the most beautiful (in all sense of the word) cities in the world.

Praga feels magnificent, just royal. It is a live postcard in front of your eyes. It is so unbelievable that you have to reach and touch something solid around you to make sure you are seeing what you are seeing. Praga is Magic.

IMG_4409I spend just two days here, but it was unforgettable.As a history lover I couldn’t help but to fall in love with Praga medieval streets, its bookstores or mysterious environment. Praga is history, beauty and magic.

I walked around the historic center among hoards of tourists, but somehow I managed to see past them and appreciate the real Praga.


I always try to walk off the tourist path when visiting this cities that are so touristic. I enjoy discovering the every day life in places I’ve never been and imagine how life must be in such a beautiful place.

Life in Praga, as in most cities in Europe is very different from where I come from (Argentina and USA). In the US it was all about work. My typical days where home-work-home-gym-home. Every single day, and yes, I chose to live that way but that is just the way everybody do it. But in Europe they live at a very different pace. After work people go out with friends, or to a park, movies or to have dinner at some cool place. For the most part they don’t want to run inside to watch TV like we do in the new world. They know how to enjoy life without guilt.


I stayed at a gorgeous apartment through Airbnb, not so close to the train station. In the map it looked like an easy walk from the main train station, but it turned out to be a way more than that. On the bright side I had a gorgeous view and a very comfortable apartment.

Once you scape the main square where the astronomical clock and the cathedral are, you get a little peace and can enjoy the secret corners of this wonderful European Gem.

I also visited the castle, form the outside, and got to see some pretty spectacular views of Praga.

Prague is one of those places you just have to visit. The kind of place that will stay in your memory no matter how long you travel, and how many places you get to see.





Kafka Museum


Best food in Prague – La Vicka


Cafe Louvre 


Prague Art 



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