Pure Toscana: Arezzo

I have been in more than a few Tuscan towns… But Arezzo won me over in a fraction of a second.

This is a place to live. Not just to visit.

Life pace in Arezzo is another of what we are used to. Here times stops. Here the air is fresher and the grass is greener.


Arezzo has everything you could need to live. The city center it is a wonderful representation of a medieval world. Gorgeous views of the Tuscan hills. Big parks. Fabulous restaurants and amazing food. Arezzo center is very alive. The city is well connected and has a handful of local bus lines.


I stayed at a villa about 40 mins on foot from the city center. I didn’t plan this. I thought the place I booked on Airbnb was near the city center. I wasn’t looking right apparently – because when my hosts picked me up at the station and started driving farther and farther away… I started wondering where exactly I booked.


When we arrived – after 15 minutes driving – I knew I booked the wrong place. The room I thought I booked was few blocks away from the train station. This wasn’t.


View from my window

My concerns disappeared when I saw the house. This country house was gorgeous. This wonderful family was everything you imagine a wonderful host family would be. They have two amazing dogs which I fell in love with. A gorgeous room. Gorgeous garden and even more unbelievable views from my balcony. The wrong place was just right.


She was over me -.-

A walk through vineyards…



The bike my host gave me failed, so I had to walk all the way to the city center. The walk through the villas and vineyards and olives trees was one of the best times of my trip. So immerse into Tuscan life I felt like someone else.

This country has given me my life back. All my senses are alive again. I am alive again.


Duomo di Arezzo

My host, Maria Chiara, made me a homemade wonderful breakfast every morning. And after playing with the dogs for a little (actually for too long), I would leave the house and walk through vineyards to the city center.


Chiesa Sant’Agostino

The center of Arezzo surprised me at every turn. Medieval as Siena, or San Gimignano, but with no hoards of tourists.

Arezzo has become more popular the last few years, but still holds that quiet little Tuscan town environment that I love.

I had lunch at one of the best trattorias I had the pleasure to find along Italy : Antica Osteria L’Agania (Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 10, 52100 Arezzo). Family run, fresh, local ingredients, wine made on location, amazing antipastos and traditional Tuscan plates.


Osteria L’Agania 


As in the rest of Italy, the Romans are still present.


Roman Amphitheater in Arezzo 

When things don’t go as planned, and still turn out the best, it remind me of one of the secrets of life: Everything is right. And what is meant to be happens.

My visit to Arezzo was absolutely:


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