Get the life you want

You have heard this phrase so many times it kinda lost its meaning. I never thought I had that power.

When I was preparing for my trip my friends kept telling me “I have to get out of here” “I want to do that too, I want to travel and be free”. And my answer is always the same: What are you waiting for?

Don’t think I don’t have financial worries, that I am a multimillionaire, that I am an irresponsible that doesn’t care  to end up homeless. I have all those fears and more.


I am a very organized person and I am interested in taking care of my finances and future. I have student loans in the US (and you know how destructive that system is), I have bills, I have family, I have feelings too. I am not a completely detached person. I am as you are. But one thing I do have that is stronger than everything else: I am absolutely determined to go after my dreams no matter what.


And your dreams don’t have to be to travel, discover the world and all its people and cultures like my dreams are, yours are your own.


You have to validate your dreams, you worth all that you want, you deserve everything in this world. Absolutely everything. But you MUST believe that. That is the first step towards your dreams.


Once you believe it you must start acting. This is an inside process, there is no need to keep talking about it, because that becomes just talking about it and never doing it. Let people worry and take care of their own processes. You have your own. Stop living someone else’s life. You have your own to live. Stop looking at the other’s businesses, you must be taking care of your own.


Take control of your process. Of your life. Awake to life. Awake to all the marvelous things YOU can achieve. It is possible. It is out there. Believe.


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