Destiny’s fate

We have been through so much. You and I. We have seen the best and the worst about each other. We have hated one another, we have loved one another with incomparable passion. 

You and I. We were one. We became indispensable in each others life. Now we are strangers. And what scares me the most is the future. What will I become? What will you become? I am scared of not feeling you mine anymore. I have this fear of becoming strangers.


As much as we both changed, I feel we still the same. Neither of us have love with so much passion before. You with your harsh love, me with my deeply attached one.

Nobody loved me as much as you did, and nobody will ever know how much I loved you. You and I, we went through storms together. We survived. We got kicked in the floor and we got up. You and I are strong, and stronger if we are Us.


I will always miss you. I will always be yours and you will be part of me until the day I die. And until you and I are reunited, only by destiny’s fate, I will hold on to that last hug so hard that time won’t be able to break it.


All we were, all we did, and all we never got to be.

I love you forever New Orleans.


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