Do you know what it is to miss Rome?

Do you know what it is to miss someone or something so much it hurts?

That is how I feel now that I am away from my loved one. My Rome.

I am grateful because I found my place, that may just happen once or twice in a lifetime… And it happened to me at age of 28. I know where my loved one is, it is there as beautiful as always, waiting for me. I know that. It is seating on its eternal settlement in the Mediterranean Sea, watching me from there. Calling me.

I found my place in the world. I found the love of my life. I found sense to my life again. I found it in the ancient streets where my ancestors walked. In that passion, that blood, that heat that made up the Roman Empire. In Rome. My Rome.

Like the feeling you can only feel when you stand in front of The One, those butterflies, take over me when I arrive to Termini.

Like herself, our love is eternal.

And there, across the vast Atlantic Ocean, alone and incomplete as I am, she is waiting for me.

Still, Perfect, Eternal, My Rome.



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