How to change your reality?

What it takes to change your life ? Your choices and decisions. Nothing else.

I have taken control of my life. I realized I could, that all the obstacles that held me back were self inducted. I learned that I am really free, that nothing else matter in this life but my own happiness. My life now looks very different from what it looked last year, or the year before that. Or what it looked like during my 6 years in New Orleans.

My life is now a reflection of my thoughts and the things I want. It is the power of my determination that changed everything for me.


I lived every day of those 6 years wanting something different, wanting a different life, a better life. It all depends on us and what we do to make it a reality. Anything is possible, and sometimes life puts you through challenges and situations we must overcome to be who we are today. To be where we are today.


We still growing every day, it is an ongoing process. We always want more, we always want to be better and happier. And life is challenging. It does not get easy, it just gets different and new. And it all starts with you.

This year is one of the most important years of my life, because this year I decided to hear the call. My Heart. I discovered I have the power to change my life around as many times and I want to. I became the owner of my life. I took control.


Things are not as I planned before the year started, but things got even better, life takes weir turns and I can’t be more grateful for what God has given me. He always knows better. Have faith.

I have fears, insecurities, uncertainties, but I do not let them take over me. I receive those feelings at the door, but I do not let myself become fear. I am stronger than that, and so are you. I have no more or less capacities than any of you. I am just trying my best to be fearless. The only thing you need to do to live your dreams is to let fear behind.

I believe in you.

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