What to do when you dont know what to do

No. The answer this time is not wine.

Sometimes, or many we come to a crossroad. We feel trapped, we want a change but do not know where to start.

Give yourself a break. Take a step back. Answers will come.

I have encountered this situation many times in my life, and I still do. That is just part of the journey. Many of those times I felt I was unable to decide what to do to be happy. I should know right? but it doesn’t work like that, our hearts tell us something is not going OK but we just do not know how to start. Here are some tips I have collected along all of those moments. Without a doubt this list will still growing alongside with me.

  • Think in all of the other past situations when you didn’t know what to do, or how would the matter be solved… and somehow, it was solved. Life tends to find its course by itself, if we let it.
  • Do not ever take rushed decisions. Take your time, and the right path will be shown to you.
  • Take a few days off from thinking and thinking about the decision. It will come naturally to you. If you keep putting pressure into it you will get depressed and you won’t enjoy anything in life.
  • Take some time, and when you are relaxed and not overthinking, the answer will come to you.

I left on a trip thinking I was going to figure out what to do when I was out of the US. I thought things would be much clearer as soon as I landed in another country “away from my problems”. The thing I failed to see is: we carry not only a backpack when we leave… we also bring our problems, feelings, thoughts and memories with us. There is no such thing as “leaving my issues behind”. We need to solve this within us, like everything else in life: It all starts with us.

  • Distance helps make things clearer. It is good to take some distance from our problems, to see everything from a subjective perspective.
  • Take small decisions at the time. Get clear on what you want, even if it does not connect with what you are trying to solve. We often fail to see the connections in our reality. Once you are clear on what you want it will be easier to take small steps, small actions towards that goal.

Imagine you are in one of those boardgames like Jumanji, every square if one small decision. You need to arrive to your Jumanji, to your goal. We cannot jump and skip all the lessons that are in between where we are now and where we want to be.

Let things settle, take control over what you can control: yourself. Everything else will find its course.



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