On a train somewhere, somewhen

I’m on a train that left München at 7.40AM. We are in Austria now, just left Brenner Pass Station. Surrounded by mountains and forrest. 


I cant wait to be in Rome. My favorite place on earth.

It was in Rome, the eternal city, where among the ancient ruins of my ancestors I found the missing pieces of my soul.

It was in Rome, the center of the old world, where I felt complete again.

I will always miss Rome. And Rome will always be missing of me when I leave. But I will leave with the promise of returning. Because no matter what rode I take, all of them will lead me back to Rome.

I fell in love with this city, with Italy as a whole. I’ve seen many beautiful places during these past months traveling. But not the sum of all of their beauty can achieve to defy Rome’s greatness.

To stand on the marble floors the emperors once walked makes me feel I am as powerful as they once were. As strong as the deadliest gladiator. As fierce as the scariest beast that found its death at the arena by the cruel iron of those who lost humanity in the dungeons.


I feel I can achieve anything.

The world was theirs, the Romans. And so could be mine.

I had lost sight of my path back in the bayou. My life was sinking as the wastelands I was living in. Although I am grateful for those hard times, for they had made my skin thicker. But I still soft.

Being far away and alone, surrounded by strangers or new friends I feel new.

I found my dreams again. Those old ones. The real ones.

I found my path which will continue to surprise me.

On a train somewhere.


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