Let fear be the fuel

Make your dreams your reality. It only take a shift in your thoughts, redirect your energy into what you want. 

It took me a long time to believe in my capacities. To believe that I could actually be who I wanted to be, do what I wanted to do. It took me almost 30 years to believe in me.

Most of us think that when we achieve ‘this that or the other’ we will finally be happy. But the one single thing we must learn and hold on to is: All comes from within.

Happiness and fulfillment don’t come from exterior things, people or situations. It is exactly the opposite. Not until we change how we feel in our hearts, that our reality will change. This means that absolutely anything you want in this life can be yours, because it all start with us. You have such power.


I am decided to follow my dreams. I believe in myself. I believe that every road I take will lead me to opportunities and challenges and fantastic things.

They say it takes a great deal of courage to live the life you want. to actually get up and go get your dreams. I believe its an act that comes from fear. I have fear of living a life that encages me. A secure, perfectly shaped and predictable life. That fear is what pushes me to chase the life I want.

I do not chose to live by fear, but I let it be the driving force to get the courage to do what I love.

Fear of getting to a certain age and have no time or energy to do what I always wanted. Fear of regret. Fear of boredom with my own life. Fear of hating my career and job at the age of 50. Fear of not seeing a country, a city I always wanted to see. Use that fear to free yourself of what you don’t want.

That fear is the combustible of my courage. And it roars like the biggest bonfire a man ever lighted up.

We won’t be free until we liberate ourselves.



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