Hit the road Jack (again)

I used to believe that we feel the same way (good or bad) no matter where we are. It was quite obvious for me, I know it all start with us and within us. I experienced the opposite. Being where I don’t want to be, I don’t feel myself. I have the post-trip symptom. The only cure is a life of full time travel.

A girl I just met few weeks ago told me something that hit me like a bucket of ice. I was telling her about my trip and the way I was lived life for the last 6 months and she asked: “So after all that exciting time you came back to ‘this life’?”. That was a slap on my face. Made me realize this path wasn’t for me anymore.


I came back to the US for few months to complete some necessary process (I can’t stand bureaucracy). I got a job for the time being, thinking it was going to help the time to go faster. As soon as I started I realized I’m not made for this life anymore. I broke with that life in April and there is no going back to it.

As soon as I got settle at my ocean view apartment I realized I wasn’t happy being “settled” again, not even for the time being. Not even at this beautiful place. What the hell I was doing with my life?


After all the time waiting to leave I had came back to the wolf’ mouth. By choice. By destiny. I don’t know.

I  made many mistakes so far, but were those mistakes? Or just part of my path, meant to happen?


I just know this was a reaffirmation about how I want to live my life. And the people I want in it.

Our story had come to an end my friend, you have to let me go. It was a good learning experience to share all these years with you. And I learned indeed. We went through hurricanes, accidents, happiness and feasts together. Now that chapter is over. Its time to begin writing the new one. You tried to hold on to me with that little arm of yours called Florida, let go now. You and I, USA, need to move on.

Let’s hit the road once again.


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