Goodbye USA – Hello Italy

I fell in love with Rome long before I met her. way back when I was just a girl in Argentina, who thought the world was too amazing and too broad to live a life in just one place. That same girl that became an adult who’s dream was to travel the world, but thought it wasn’t possible for her. Everything always seemed so difficult for her. Everything required a huge amount of sacrifice. But that girl who used to look at the map hanging on her wall and making up itineraries in her mind made her dreams possible. She made it. She came back to her roots. She is in Rome. 

I left the US exhausted. Emotionally and physically. The US was always one of my dream places, and it became a huge part of my life and in part made me who I am today. Thanks to that country I grew up, I gained experience, I suffered like never before, I survived and became stronger. But these last 6 weeks living there again was torture.

I knew it wasn’t the place for me anymore. I knew we were done. Our relationship had come to an end. And like all important relationships it takes a while to end them, a very dragging while until both parts finally get on with their lives.


I was lucky enough to lived the last weeks of my American life in Miami, in a condo with ocean view. But I was miserable every day. I know I sound like a brat but my point is, I was thankful for being in such a gorgeous place, but I knew it wasn’t my place to be anymore. When your heart knows, knows.

Thankfully the day arrived, and me and my five hundred kilos of luggage headed to the airport.


I like to travel light, I really do. Through life and through countries. But this is all I have left in the world. I have no home in Argentina nor in the USA. These three suitcases hold my life, the little I have left. I sold, gave away, donated and trashed out many of my belongings. I realized once again that “stuff” can’t make me happy. In fact they depressed me. I wish I wouldn’t have carried so much, but a part of me needed some stuff. My stuff.

I left behind a lot in the US. I knew this was a time of doing a detox in my life. Sometimes it is good for our soul. Some people are not meant to be in our lives, some others are meant for a while, until we realize we are in a very different place. And that is OK, life is like that. We gain and lose friends every day as we grow.

I left the US relieved. Lighter. Free.


I took life in my own hands 6 months ago when I left New Orleans. Now I am actually starting a new life, settling down in a different city. A different country, across the ocean.

I arrived to Italy like in a dream. On the day of my paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother’s birthdays. My angels once again held my hand while I was crossing to the other side of the world.

I didn’t realize where I was for a few days, I was like a haze. My arrival to this country was absolutely opposite to my arrival to the US in 2010. Here I was received by a friend, with a hug. I walked in like I was coming back home. And this is home now. The home I chose.


Here I was, in Rome. My Rome again. My Rome forever.

The American lady seating next to me on the plane saw my emotion, and padding my back she said “There is no place like home”.

No, there isn’t.


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