Molise, once again, forever

I am living a dream. Sometimes I feel I don’t realize where I am yet… But I am here, I am living in Italy.

Its been a little over two weeks since I came back to my new home. To the country of my roots, to my place in the world. I chose Rome, and will always chose Rome. Me and her are one.


But while I chose to live and feel Rome every day of my life, my heart resides in one of the most unknown regions of this blessed country: Molise.

I came here last May, wanting to learn more about my grandmother’s life, her roots and mine in her little town: Limosano, near Campobasso. I came here with absolutely no expectations. I thought it was going to be a boring town in the countryside with nothing to do. But since the moment I arrived to this incredible underrated little town I fell in love.


After my amazing first experience searching for my relatives in Limosano, I re-discovered this small town that holds so much of me, and without I can’t be whole.

As I finished yet another book of The Dark Tower serie, I realized I was closing a chapter of my life. Not everything becomes conscious at the exact time it happens. Some ends we realize before or after the crucial moment. I left the US and my life there behind months ago, however I was still not conscious of that.


As the train travelled through the hills of Central Italy, bringing me back to the magic place called Molise, I realized my new life had taken off. I was the creator of that life, I had the power to chose how to live. And I did it.

When I was here 6 months ago I had no expectations or even imagined I would be coming back any time soon. I thought it was just an obligated stop to honor my grandma. To see where she came from.

But this place, the place that had shaped her and her special personality, had shaped me too.


Every time I come to Limosano I meet more fantastic characters of this fairytale I am part of, that started many years before I was born. This place and I had been intrinsically related for many years. My family begun here, and I was chosen to come back and collect the pieces of that past, of that story so turbulent. To meet these people that helped me remember who I really am, they are part of me. Part of my life, the life I was meant to live.

Campobasso is the “big” city surrounded these little towns like Limosano, Ferrazzano o San Giovanni. Here you could find everything big cities have, except that here time moves slowly. The air is fresher and the piazzas are filled with families, high-schoolers, old friends on a bench talking about better times, friends meeting up for a ‘birra’ after a play at the local theatre, old ladies peaking out from their windows to take note of the night’s highlights and share them next morning with the neighbors… God I love small towns.


I am leaving Molise filled with a bigger need to come back once again, and never ever leave. I carried the huge bag of vegetables my aunt gave me, a handful of candies an old lady of the town insisted me to have. And a heart so content, I felt I  really am in a dream.


2 thoughts on “Molise, once again, forever

  1. afarawayhome says:

    I love these photos – so moody and atmospheric. It must be so great to have such a connection with a place you have family roots with… all of my family is from ugly cities, not idyllic Italian towns, and I don’t love it at all!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ViNesci says:

      Any place your family comes from is special, I see it that way. Maybe someone else thinks the little town where mine comes from is not special at all, but for me it means the world. I think no matter where our roots come from it made us, and it is special for that reason 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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