My brand new life

As many  of you know I started my trip in April this year, but the truth is I started it many years ago, when I was just a kid with big dreams of travel. I left my office job, my nice apartment in a small comfortably well-known city in the US to go on a one way trip.

I just knew the three first stops, after that… Who knew?

I had such a different plan last April… I thought I knew what I was going to do and be after the trip. But life surprises you.


After traveling the whole summer -from the US to Europe, back to the US then to Argentina, once more to the US and then back to Europe- I now live in one of my favorite cities in the world. The city I have always wanted to visit, to see and feel… In the country where I found my roots, my history, myself.



During a whole year, while I was planning my trip, I would close my eyes in my gray office with no windows and actually feel I was here or in any of the cities I later visited. I could feel the huge happiness inside of me seeing these places for the first time.

That feeling of happiness before getting to or what we want is the process of creation and attraction in its most pure form. Feeling happy now for what you wish to happen is what actually brings to you what you want. 

This year changed everything for me, or I changed everything for myself. When I closed the door behind me in that apartment that saw me going through my worst during the last years I put an end to that life. I started living the life I wanted, without knowing I opened many doors by closing that one. 

If I could talk to myself before taking that risk, I would tell me:  “The world is not the scary place we all think. You won’t become a homeless just because you quit the job you dislike so much, or sell the furniture you bought second hand, or give away some old clothes you don’t really wear anymore… You won’t become a lost cause because you want to live your dreams. You will make it. You will survive and be the happiest you could be”.

When we take risks, when we are really willing to leave that life that doesn’t make us happy behind, opportunities come to us.

I changed my life around and its not because I have superpowers, even though I want to believe so. The strength to change came from pain, fear, form insecurity and unhappiness. It all started with a decision… But when you take action towards your dreams then life opens up to you. Life shows you all the options you have in front of you. We were just too blind to see that the world is ours.

I moved out of the US changed continents, found a home, got accepted into one of the biggest Universities in Europe, made awesome new friends and memories, and it all started when I gave away or sold all of my stuff and took that plane.

Here I am, still trying to figure stuff out because life itself is not that easy, but I will affront whatever I have to just to be happy.

After all the coins I throw in the fountains of Rome, by magic or by God’s will, here I am.

I just have one more wish: That all of you out there find your own happiness, and could live the life you want and deserve. That all children in the world can have the same opportunities to succeed, be happy and healthy. That we humans learn from our past, and even though it is an utopia to hope we all will understand and love each other, we could at least respect our differences and stop killing each other.

I don’t care your race, religion, sex, ethnicity, orientation, or if you are an unicorn… I want you to live and be happy. I want peace.

I think that is my most important wish and I think we can all make it real. 

I thank for this amazingly difficult and marvelous year of my life – my golden year- and I thank in advance for the ones to come because without a doubt they will be fantastic.


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